The Bend-Over-Boyfriend Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The bend-over-boyfriend sex position is a doggy-style sex position that puts the male participant on all fours with the help of a prop. The position offers a range of possibilities, including, bondage, teasing and anal sex (in this case, using a strap on harness).

Bend Over Boyfriend Position. Partner bent over and receiving a spanking from standing partner.Models are shown using the Obeir Spanking Bench from Liberator.

The prop helps to provide comfort and stability for longer bouts of play. Heterosexual partners may swap positions for a bend-over-girlfriend variation. This position may also, of course, be assumed by gay and lesbian couples or anyone of any gender identity.

More About The Bend-Over-Boyfriend Position

The bend-over-boyfriend position gets its name from a series of best-selling sex education videos by the same name about male anal play using a strap-on. This practice is also known as "pegging." Although no props are strictly required here, the addition of a prop (like Liberator sex furniture or other sex furniture) can help make the position more comfortable for both partners.



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