Scissor Sex Position

Updated: JULY 7, 2021

The Scissor sex position achieves penetration with the inter-crossing of legs which then allows the penis or a dildo to be inserted into the vagina or anus.

diagram of the scissor sex position - both partners lay perpendicular to each other with legs crossing over each other

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner should lay on their side. The receiving partner lays on their back at a 90-degree angle from the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner then lifts their top leg, allowing the receiving partner's closest leg to slide underneath the lifted leg. This now intertwines both of your bodies, and you should be able to find enough closeness for penetration.

The exact angle and positioning of bodies that make penetration possible will be unique to every couple. Once you've completed the basic steps to get into the Scissor position, we recommend playing around with the exact fit to find what works best for you.

More About Scissor Sex Position

With body partners laying down and simply intertwining their legs, the Scissor sex position can be a great way to change up  your standard sex positions without feeling like you're going to the gym. While it may take a bit to figure out which leg positions offer the best penetration angles, you both can do it from the comfort of lying down. This gives the Scissor position a lot of flexibility as an exploratory position to learn new things about one another.

However, this laying position can also make it difficult to get strong, deep thrusts with the Scissor sex position. Most couples will want to lean into gentle thrusts or grinding motions to prevent friction burn from the surface beneath them. If you're really into the idea of lots of movement with the Scissor position, though, a Nuru mat and massage gel might give you the frictionless, slippery experience you need to make it happen.

Modifying the Scissor Sex Position

Although the Scissor sex position is relatively easy to achieve, it can be considered somewhat uncomfortable for both people involved. Especially for people with thinner thighs, the pressing of bone against bone from the close leg proximity can be particularly unpleasant.

To help alleviate some of these concerns:

  • Experiment with new leg positions. As long as penetration can happen, the exact intertwining of the limbs isn't important. Pulling limbs further towards the chest or spreading them further away from one another may reduce discomfort from your bodies pressed together.
  • Consider wearing plushy clothing. If bone-on-bone pressure is causing discomfort, consider wearing some clothing that won't intrude on your intercourse. This is a great excuse to pull out thigh-high socks or play with ripping/cutting clothing that you were too torn up to donate anyway.
  • Try new movements. You might find that in-and-out thrusting is unpleasant, but a grinding movement can feel fantastic. Try different types of movements to see if some feel better than others!
  • Take penetration out of the equation. If getting hip-on-hip is part of what's causing the discomfort, consider swapping the Scissor sex position into a mutual masturbation sex position. You both can enjoy the intertwined legs and some pleasure without dealing with the uncomfortable pain points!

While the penetrating partner lies on their side, the receiving partner may end up in a twisted position to get into the right position for penetration. If that's the case, this can place a lot of strain on the back - especially if you plan on staying in the Scissor sex position for a long time. Consider using sex furniture wedges or stacking pillows underneath the receiver's back to reduce the back strain. Simply allowing the receiver to lounge in a pile of pillows before you start can be a great way to offer support without needing to modify the position once you're both already in it.

Even with these modifications, the Scissor sex position may not be a good fit for all couples. Remember: sex is about connection and pleasure, and if the Scissor sex position is distracting from that, it may not be a good one for you. Luckily, there are hundreds of other sex positions out there that can better honor the bodies you're in today, so give one of those a try instead.


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