The Perch Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

The Perch position is a super-sexy seated sex position. This rear-entry position is simple and comfortable with the help of the edge of a bed, a sturdy chair, sex furniture, or even the kitchen counter. It also leaves both partners' hands-free for exploring!

The Perch Position. The penetrating partner sits on a chair or other flat surface. The receiving partner backs up onto the penetrating partner's penis. The receiving partner then leans back into their partner's chest.

More About The Perch Position

To get into this sex position, ensure the piece of furniture (Liberator sex furniture or otherwise) you choose is sturdy and supportive. Then, the partner on the bottom can sit down and allow the partner on the top to lower themselves down onto him. If both partners' feet touch the floor, they can use that leverage to move against each other. The partner on the bottom can also grab onto their partner and move them.


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