Seated Royalty Sex Position

Published: DECEMBER 28, 2023

The Seated Royalty Position takes advantage of a queening chair to make facesitting and queening safer and more comfortable for both the giver and the receiver.

A person sits on the XR Brands Queening Chair while their partner lays underneath the queening chair. Someone's wheelchair is in the background. Either person could use the Queening Chair while still being wheelchair bound. From the angle the person sitting on top of the Queening chair sitting, it looks like they are being rimmed. | Kinkly Shop

To get into this sex position, place your queening chair onto a flat, open space that is long enough to allow the giver to lie down on their back with the top of their head near the opening of the queening chair. The receiver can then "scoot" their butt into position as the giver raises their head, or the giver can gently lift up their upper body, wiggling their way into position underneath the chair. The receiver then sits in the queening chair. If analingus is desired, the receiver may need to spread the cheeks as they sit.

The receiver can get into position first, but many couples may find that the giver wants extra space to scoot into position before the receiver sits upon the "throne."

More About Seated Royalty Sex Position

Traditional facesitting and queening sex positions come with a few downsides. Not only do they place a lot of weight on the giver's head and neck, but they may also make it difficult for the giver to easily breathe when desired. For the receiver, kneeling can quickly put the lower legs to sleep, and the receiver may need to tap out earlier than desired because their feet are tingling from the folded-over positions of the legs.

The Seated Royalty position solves all of those concerns by using a piece of sex furniture designed especially for queening positions: a queening chair. Queening chair designs vary, but all of them allow the receiving partner to sit down in chair-like furniture. The giving partner is placed underneath this furniture in some manner, and a hole in the receiver's "seat" allows the giver to use their mouth to pleasure the oral sex receiver.

XR Master Series Queening Chair shown from the front to see the hanging head sling, the under-the-arm bondage straps, and the size of the kinging chair | Kinkly Shop

By using a queening chair, the Seated Royalty position allows both partners to better enjoy facesitting and queening positions. The giving partner is essentially sitting in a chair, which can allow them to comfortably relax into the position and focus on enjoying themselves. Since the giver is elevated, they have freedom to move their head and neck as desired, removing weight from the head and allowing the giver to breathe as needed. No wrestling style "tap outs" required here!

By removing the barriers to facesitting, more couples can enjoy this erotic oral sex position. Givers with breathing problems may finally be able to explore facesitting. People with partial or full paralysis may be able to be the giver or the receiver in the Seated Royalty position. (If that's the plan, we recommend a queening chair with a full, supportive back.)

In addition to removing physical barriers, the Seated Royalty position can also help remove mental barriers. Allowing the giving partner to move their head can reduce the anxiety and claustrophobia that facesitting can cause for some people.

Choose a style of queening chair that best fits your physical and playtime needs. For many queening chair enjoyers, the primary complaint is lack of back support for the receiver. If you're finding that within the Seated Royalty position, consider pushing the back of the queening chair up against a wall to allow the receiving partner to lean back onto the wall.

Even with the queening chair involved, some couples may find that the Seated Royalty position isn't a good fit for them. If that's the case, don't fret! Remember that sex is about enjoying yourselves - not hitting arbitrary sex positions. Feel free to explore any of the other hundreds of sex positions out there that better honor your bodies and brains to find one you can both relax into and enjoy.

The Seated Royal Position for All Types of Oral Sex

While many oral sex positions offer angles that allow for only cunnilingus or fellatio, the flexibility of the queening chair design allows the couple to choose where to place their tongues. This may include rimming as well.

Both partners can work together to get the giver's tongue where it needs to be.

The giver may need to adjust their head tilt or head height to get their head where it needs to be to pleasure the desired area. If the queening chair has a built-in head rest, this may require adjusting the height on the head rest.

The receiver may need to lean forwards or backwards to make the desired spot easier to access. If the receiver has a large booty, this may also involve using the hands to spread the cheeks as the receiver sits down. The platform of the queening chair can help keep the cheeks spread, making it easier for the giving partner to pleasure harder-to-access areas (like the anal entrance!) without use of their hands.

If the receiving partner is a penis-owner looking for fellatio in this position, exercise caution. Many penises will find it uncomfortable to be bent downwards while erect, and it may be painful instead of pleasurable. If that's the case, the giver may want to kneel in front of the queening chair to provide oral sex, as in the Sofa Oral position, instead.

Adding Pleasure to the Seated Royalty Position

The Seated Royalty position leaves everyone's hands open for business, offering a lot of additional pleasure potential.

Either partner can pleasure themselves with their hands or sex toys to add even more stimulation to the position. Because both partners have a lot of free space in front of them to easily reach between their own thighs, larger sex toys, like wand massagers, penis strokers, penis vibrators, or air suction toys can also be great partners during the Seated Royalty position.

This can be especially helpful to partners who may feel uncomfortable about their ability to orgasm from oral sex alone. Since either partner can add additional physical stimulation, the receiver can easily swap back to "tried and true" methods for orgasm while still enjoying the intimacy of oral sex from their partner.

The giver's ability to pleasure themselves can also alleviate any receiver who is distracted about being the center of attention. Since the giver can easily orgasm and stimulate themselves, it may detract from the "I'm being selfish" concern that some receivers may have.

Hands-free anal toys might also be a great fit to the Seated Royalty position. Vibrating butt plugs or anal beads can add extra stimulation for either partner.

Shop sex toys with the base in mind if picking up a butt toy just for this purpose; you want to ensure the base won't get in the way of the oral sex you're both looking to enjoy. We also recommend doing a few trial runs with the receiver wearing the anal toy while sitting in the queening chair. Since some queening chairs can mimic familiar positions, the pelvic floor may relax in a way that pushes the anal plug out - which is probably not what you're going for mid-play!

You can also add more pleasure through restraint. Some queening chairs come with built-in bondage options. Since queening sex positions are often used for kinky scenes (but don't have to be!), many couples enjoy adding a bit of restraint to the fun. If your queening chair (like the XR Brands Queening Chair!) has bondage points built in, you can use those to restrain the giver or receiver. If it doesn't, you can use Sportsheets Cuffs and Tethers to DIY your own bondage points on your queening chair or with nearby bondage points. (The giving partner could also lie on top of the Liberator Bondi Board for even more bondage options!)



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