Take it for a Ride Position

Updated: MAY 29, 2022

Utilize the couch for comfort and stability in the Take it for a Ride position. Reminiscent of the popular Person-on-Top position, Take it for a Ride utilizes the added elevation of a couch to reduce strain on the penetrating partner's knees and make the entire position more comfortable.

Take It for a Ride sex position. The penetrating partner is laying with their head on one side of the couch and their legs hanging off the opposite side of the couch with their feet flat on the floor. The receiving partner is straddling the penetrating partner's hips for penetration.

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner should lay on a couch with the majority of their body on the couch. This may press the penetrating partner's head firmly into a couch cushion. The penetrating partner's legs or feet should hang off the edge of the couch. The receiving partner then straddles the penetrating partner's hips to ride on top.

More About Take it for a Ride Position

The success of the Take It for a Ride sex position will hinge on the size of your couch and how well it fits with your bodies. A short loveseat, for example, may be too small for tall partners. A shallow couch with no depth may not have enough space for larger-bodied individuals to use it. In an ideal world, the couch you choose will be large enough for the penetrating partner's body to be entirely supported from the hips up while their lower half extends past the cushions with feet flat on the ground.

The position may be perfect for a penetrating partner who doesn’t have lots of ability to thrust independently due to disability and/or chronic pain conditions.

This "ideal" position allows for the most leverage during intercourse. With the penetrating partner's feet grounded, they're able to push upwards during each thrust. The position also allows them to brace their core -- which may be necessary if the couch is particularly plushy.

If the couch is too shallow for the penetrating partner to lay out at an angle, consider having the penetrating partner lay parallel on the couch -- as if they were using it for a nap -- to get into a position that looks like the Squat Position. If there isn't enough space on the couch for both of the receiving partner's knees to rest alongside the penetrating partner's hips, the receiver can leave one foot flat on the floor right in front of the couch to still achieve this position.

The Take it for a Ride sex position is friendly to penetrating partners of limited mobility. As the position can support the entirety of the body weight if the penetrating partner lays back fully on a large couch, this can allow those with limited leg mobility to achieve this position. Couches with a chaise component will make this even more mobility-friendly.

Shallower couches can be harder to contend with for people with limited mobility, especially if the lack of support under their lower half is the issue. Turning more of your body onto the couch or moving the Take it for a Ride position to a bed or the floor can help with that.

Make sure to maintain open communication throughout the entire session to ensure everyone is comfortable. Talk about pain, disability and discomfort before, during and after. If your couch is plushy, being snuggled deep into the cushions can get stiflingly hot. Depending on how the receiving partner is holding their balance, this position may also start to strain the penetrating partner's knees. If, at any time, you want to swap to a new position, all of these couch sex positions are fantastic.

As the Take it for a Ride sex position can leave bother partners hands-free, this is also a fabulous position for adding sex toys. The Bump’n Joystick would be a perfect 'cumpanion' here. Both partners have access to each other's genitals during this position, making it easy to add in a vibrator or penis-stroker.

This sex position can also be a great fit for watching erotic material together. As couches tend to reside near TVs to begin with, it would be easy to pop in some erotic movies.



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