The Lustful Leg Position

Updated: OCTOBER 6, 2021

The Lustful Leg position is a standing sex position that requires some strength, stamina, and flexibility on the part of both partners.

Lustful Leg sex position. Both partners are standing, facing one another. The receiving partner lifts their leg to place it on the penetrating partner's shoulder. The receiving partner is balancing on one foot. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, the two partners should stand, facing one another. The receiving partner must then lift one of their legs over the penetrating partner's shoulder. (To make this easier, the penetrating partner can squat down temporarily - then stand up very slowly to ease into the stretch.)

Once both partners are standing, the penetrating partner can then slide inside while supporting the receiving partner's hips for balance. The receiving partner can also wrap their arms around their partner's shoulders for added stability.

More About The Lustful Leg Position

This is one of those sex positions where we'd recommend the receiver warm-up before the position! Cold, unprepped muscles can be more difficult to stretch, so a short stretching session before attempting the Lustful Leg position can help ensure both of you walk away from this position injury-free.

Even with a warm-up, however, the Lustful Leg Position requires a bit of patience from both partners. Getting the receiver's leg fully extended may require a slow stretch. To help ensure the penetrating partner stays ready for intercourse, using a cock ring, like the Fun Factory NOS, Balldo, or Nexus Simul8, can be extremely helpful. Once the position is achieved, both partner's hands will likely be used for balancing purposes, so the hands-free pleasure offered by a cock ring.

If either partner prefers shallow penetration, we also recommend using a penis limiter like the OhNut. With the deep stretch, balance, and strength required by this sex position, it can be hard for both partners to ensure penetration stays on the shallow side without a bit of a buffer already in place.

If you'd like to attempt this position but are unsure about your balance, we recommend doing this position up against a wall. The penetrating partner's back can lean against a wall - or both partners can lean one side of their bodies against a wall. This can help provide more stability to a position that is otherwise precarious. (It also allows for more comfortable and secure thrusting!)

The Lustful Leg Position also requires both partners to be of a similar hip height in order to achieve penetration. Placing one partner on a stair or other sturdy, weight-bearing surface can help even out any height differences before attempting this sex position.

The sheer amount of flexibility required for the receiving partner is likely to put this sex position out of the reach of many. This sex position requires the receiving partner to be able to achieve a similar level of flexibility as the front splits. However, that doesn't mean that the fun of this position is entirely out of reach! Most people will find modified versions - like the Dancer Position or Tango Position to be well-within reach.



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