Going for It Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 22, 2022

The Going for It sex position is a position in which the penetrating partner really, well, goes for it. This position is deep and intense, but it's also made for those who want to try something new - without ending up in a tangled heap.

The receiving partner is laying flat on top of a supportive table. The penetrating partner spreads the legs and holds onto the ankles as they slide inside of their laying partner.

More About Going for It Position

It's vital you find a sturdy piece of furniture that's designed to support your weight - and then some. Most standard dining tables are not meant for human body weight - and the last thing you want is a collapsing table during sex. With the dynamic forces you'll be applying to this piece of furniture with every thrust, ensure its weight limit is well-above the receiver's body weight - and ensure that it's stable enough not to tip, too!

For an easy out, use sex furniture like the Liberator Equus Wave. Not only is it designed to be comfortable to lay on, but it's also washable afterwards - and you don't have to worry about eating dinner on it later.

Once you have your furniture picked out, this sex position is reasonably user friendly; it's more about enthusiasm than skill! Be sure to communicate with each other about the depth of penetration and speed of thrust to make sure everyone's feeling great.



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