The Follow Through Position

Updated: MAY 26, 2022

The Follow Through sex position is complicated, but provides deep penetration and is lustfully sexy.

Follow Through sex position illustration. The receiver is laying, face down, on the ground with their butt propped up in the air. The penetrating partner straddles the receiver's hips in a squat for penetration but then lays back onto their hands.

Here, the receiving partner lays flat, with legs spread wide, while the giving partner balances on their arms to achieve penetration. This position may not be possible for all people to perform, and depends largely on the angle of the giving partner.

More About The Follow Through Position

For the giving partner on top, the combination of balance and limited thrust, in addition to the arm strength required, will be sure to test even the most experienced dominant playmates. A good spread of upper body, leg and core strength will help provide the required stability. The unique penetration offered by this sex position will also provide a challenge and new sensations.

Note that this position isn't intended for everyone. Some penises are angled sharply upward; bending them down to make this position work could lead to serious injury. Using a strap-on harness and dildo is always a great fall-back to prevent painfully bending the penis.



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