The Edge of Heaven

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Edge of Heaven is a seated position and a variation of the Galloping Horse position. To get into this position, the penetrating partner is seated with feet on the floor. The receiving partner then straddles the seated partner with legs outstretched on either side. The penetrating partner can support the legs of the receiving partner by holding the hips or thighs.

Edge of Heaven Sex Position. Penetrating partner is seated on a chair with receiving partner on their lap. Receiving partner has legs over penetrating partner's shoulders.

More About The Edge of Heaven

This position offers deep penetration with little effort required. To make this position even easier, place the chair in front of the bed so the receiving partner can rest the feet on the edge of the bed. The position allows intimacy since the partners are facing one another.

The Edge of Heaven position, as pictured, can require a massive amount of flexibility on the part of the recipient. To decrease the angles and make the position more comfortable, consider Liberator sex furniture like the Equus Wave. The sex furniture piece's unique design can provide gentle slopes that can support both of your bodies while still enjoying the unique angles this position can provide.



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