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The End Around Position

Published: DECEMBER 22, 2015

The end around position is an awkward position, but one that can pack some serious punch for those who can get it right. Total teamwork is what’s going to make this position one to remember! There are two roles here that partners need to get right. The giving partner should be lying on his back, with legs in the air, while his partner lowers himself down to be penetrated. Be sure to find a solid, yet comfortable working surface.

End Around Sex Position

More About The End Around Position

Pay attention to the awkward angle of entry before even launching into this position. Think about how far the receiving partner's knees are going to need to bent to achieve the desired penetration. Keep in mind that there is also risk of bending the penis here. This isn't going to work for some people and it’s no harm, no foul if this one just isn’t for you. A challenging round can be extremely hot - an injury is anything but.



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