The Champagne Room Position

Updated: JULY 12, 2021

The Champagne Room Position is a seated, rear-entry sex position. It ensures both partners are having a great time by including a sex toy to pleasure the receiving partner during sex.

Illustrated sex position showing the receiving partner sitting on top of their partner's lap while their partner sits on a chair. An erection is shown with the Wild Flower Enby 2 wrapped around the penis for easy stroking. | Kinkly Shop

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner should sit on a chair. Once there, the receiving partner can slowly back onto the penetrating partner's lap with both partners aiming the penis (or strap-on dildo!) where it needs to go. Once both partners are settled in, a sex toy can can be added. The Champagne Room position can be used for anal or vaginal sex.

The Champagne Room Position leaves both partners' hands-free, making it an easy position to add sex toys. Adding sex toys to this position allows for additional clitoral or penile stimulation during intercourse.

More About The Champagne Room Position

Why not add more pleasure to intercourse? That's exactly what the Champagne Room does! Taking advantage of the penetrating partner's free hand, the Champagne Room position sees the receiving partner also receiving the delicious, orgasmic sensations of a sex toy!

While the bendable, all-gender Wildflower Enby 2 vibrator is shown, the Champagne Room position will work with all types of toys. With the extra space in front of your bodies, large toys, like wand massagers or penis strokers, can also be a good fit here. The only limitation will be the penetrating partner's arm length and strength. It may be difficult for the penetrating partner to focus on holding a heavy, long sex toy in the right spot as the action gets going, but don't worry: the receiving partner can use their hands to take over the job at any point, too!

Using a sex toy on the receiving partner can have many benefits:

  • It offers more sensation. Many people can not orgasm from anal or vaginal sex alone. By adding in clitoral or penile pleasure, it can be easier for the receiving partner to orgasm during penetration, ensuring everyone has a great time (if they wanted to have an orgasm today!).
  • Synchronized orgasms are on the table. Since the penetrating partner will be setting the pace of the receiver's pleasure, the penetrating partner can ramp up (or slow down!) their hand as they are getting closer to orgasm. This can make synchronized orgasms a fantasy you can bring to life!
  • It's fun! Really, who is ever going to be upset about more pleasure during sex?!

This seated position leaves both partners' hands completely empty, offering even more options. The penetrating partner can leave their other free hand to pleasure the receiver's nipples or breasts. The receiving partner can also use their own hands to touch their partner or provide leverage for movement on top of the penetrating partner's lap.

If the receiving partner's feet can touch the ground, they can control the depth, angle, and rate of penetration. If their feet do not touch the ground, the penetrating partner can use their hands to move their partner or use the furniture they are sitting on as leverage to thrust.

Getting into the Champagne Room position will be approachable for many people, but it may not be for everyone. If either partner has sensitive knees, the added weight and strain on the knees may not be a good fit. The position requires that the penetrating partner be able to support body weight on their lap, and that the receiving partner be able to facilitate some movement from the strength of their quads. This will not be an option for everyone, and that's okay if it isn't. The "goal" of sex is to enjoy pleasure and connection with your partner, and you can easily do that with hundreds of other sex positions that may better honor your bodies to make that happen.

This position may also require some modifications if the penetrating partner has a large stomach or the receiving partner has a large bum. If that's the case, choose a chair that allows for the penetrating partner to recline further backwards. This may make it impossible for them to hold the sex toy on the receiver's body, but it should allow for more space between bodies to make penetration happen.


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