The Tight Squeeze Position

Updated: JULY 5, 2021

The Tight Squeeze is a face-to-face position in which the penetrating partner is standing and the receiving partner is seated. To get into this position, the receiving partner is seated on a chair, stool, or bed. The penetrating partner enters while standing facing their partner. The receiving partner then wraps their legs around the back of their partner.

Tight Squeeze Position. The receiving partner sits on a tall ledge and spreads their legs. The penetrating partner slides between the thighs for penetration and helps support the receiving partner's body.

More About The Tight Squeeze Position

This position is great for spontaneous sex because it can be done from virtually any surface. It is great for areas where movement is restricted. The position is somewhat strenuous, but can be altered for comfort by using a back support for the receiving partner. The angle of penetration can also be altered by changing the height at which the legs are wrapped around the penetrating partner.



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