The Acrobat Position

Updated: JUNE 29, 2021

The Acrobat position is a deeper variation of the popular Reverse Cowgirl position.

diagram of the acrobat sex position - the receiver straddles the giver, facing away, then leans all the way back.

To get into this sex position, the giver lays on their back and and their partner straddles them while facing away. Once penetrated, the receiver leans back and lays on their partner's chest. The two can then move and rock together.

More About The Acrobat Position

While in this position, a giver can easily reach around and stimulate their partner's clitoris or penis with their hand or a vibrator. If performing penis-in-vagina sex, this position is also great for G-spot stimulation because the penis is angled toward the front wall of the vagina. Pairing clitoral stimulation with gentle G-spot stimulation can result in powerful orgasms in many vulva-owners. This combination may even cause some to experience a squirting orgasm.

The Acrobat sex position isn't for some. In fact, it probably isn't for most. The extreme angle of the receiving partner's knees requires a deep level of flexibility, and even then, it can still be dangerous. If this isn't something your body can safely achieve (and again, most people can't!), you can still reap almost all of the benefits of this sex position with the Reverse Cowgirl position.

If you choose to try the Acrobat position, we highly recommend stretching and warming up before getting into the position. This can be a deep stretch to do on cold muscles.

For your safety, the receiving partner should attempt to get into their position, on the floor, without the penetrating partner underneath them, ahead of time. This can help you determine if the Acrobat position is a safe option for the two of you before trying to add a second body into the equation. The intoxicating mixture of lust and excitement can lead to poor decision making mid-sex, and you should determine whether your body can safely do this position before your judgment is clouded.

Once in this position, the extreme angle of the knees does not lend itself well to a lot of upward and downward movement. The penetrating partner will be doing most of the movement through small hip thrusts underneath the receiver. This, however, may deepen and lighten the receiver's stretch, and both partners should keep the lines of communication open to ensure the receiving partner isn't being injured here.

To ensure everyone has a great time, sex toys and hands may be a necessity here. The smaller movement profile may make it difficult to orgasm in the Acrobat position - especially if either partner finds that some of their limbs are starting to become sore from the position.

As it will be difficult to touch the penetrating partner, a cock ring, vaginal vibrator, or anal toy may be a good hands-free way to add stimulation. As the receiving partner is on top, with two sets of hands available, it can be easier to add pleasure for them with whatever methods you both already enjoy.

Otherwise, you may want to consider the Acrobat position as a "pit stop" position between other, easier positions that allow for more stimulation. Swapping to a position that allows for more sensation gives you all of the benefits of having achieved the Acrobat sex position while still ensuring both partners come away from the experience fully satisfied.


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