Slippery Rear Sex Position

Published: MARCH 23, 2022

The Slippery Rear sex position is a beginner-friendly, shower sex position that lends itself well to exploring the world of aquatic sex - no matter how small your shower is. This play on the traditional standing, rear entry sex is familiar to most couples - all that's new is adding in the exotic aquatic environment!

Slippery Rear sex position. The receiving partner is standing in front of the penetrating partner, in the shower, while bending over. The penetrating partner comes up from behind to penetrate.

To get into this sex position, both partners should step into the shower. The receiving partner stands in front of the penetrating partner and pushes their butt into the penetrating partner. The receiving partner then bends over and grips onto something for stability while the penetrating partner can slide inside.

More About Slippery Rear Sex Position

The Slippery Rear lets couples explore the erotic atmosphere of shower sex - even if you don't have a lot of space to spare in your bathroom. As the sex position is standing, variations of this sex position can be done even if the receiver can't bend over (like in a small, box-style upright shower). A foot pedestal is ideal for bigger bodies. By placing your foot up, you will allow more access to the vulva or anus in a "tight squeeze" shower.

As in all aquatic sex positions, make sure you focus on safety and stability when undertaking the Slippery Rear sex position. While the receiver shown in the illustration is balancing on their tippy toes, we highly, highly recommend you stand flat-footed with a firm grip on a stabilizing aspect of your shower. Non-slip mats can be helpful.

We also recommend finding a surface for the receiving partner to grip onto. While the illustration shows a suction cup shower handle, we recommend using anything that's available to you. This might be as simple as a wall that the receiver can brace their hands on. It also could look like gripping onto the seat of a weight-bearing shower chair - or placing their hands on a built-in seat of the shower.

As wet surfaces can be slippery, we recommend keeping the Slippery Rear sex position as a gentler, sensual position. Powerful thrusts from the penetrating partner can easily throw the receiver off-balance - which can be dangerous. Keep the Slippery Rear position for the erotic thrill of sex in the shower - and go to a stable, dry surface for the passionate, rough sex.

Couples of differing heights may find it challenging to get into the Slippery Rear position - and without furniture in your shower, it may not be easy to modify this position to work for your heights. Instead, you may wish to explore the Tongue Tied Oral Sex position - or the Wet Lap Dance position - which reduce the reliance on standing heights.

Remember that you're up against the water heater in any aquatic sex position - and the Slippery Rear is no different. Nobody wants to have sex in ice cold water! Consider temporarily turning off the water to extend your shower sex time - or utilize waterproof sex toys to ensure both partners end this excursion fully satisfied.



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