The Double Decker Position

Updated: JULY 5, 2021

The Double Decker sex position gets its name from the iconic double decker buses found in many parts of the world, particularly London, England. It is a form of rear entry sex that involves the penetrating partner laying on their back. The receiving partner then lays on top of the penetrating partner, back to chest, and supports themselves by propping up on their elbows and feet. The penetrating partner can then enter the receiving partner's vagina or anus.

Double Decker Sex Position. The penetrating partner lays down flat. The receiving partner lays down flat on top of the penetrating partner, aligning their hips for intercourse.

More About The Double Decker Position

Because it is a rear entry sex position, the double decker is an excellent position for stimulating a prostate or a G-spot in the receiving partner. It is also a position that easily allows the couple to roll into different sex positions such as the spoon sex position.



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