Pancake With a Pillow Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

The Pancake with a Pillow position is a simple sex position that provides maximum penetration. The addition of a pillow or piece of sex furniture - either under the head or lower back - can help make this position more comfortable, particularly for those who may suffer from back pain.

Pancake with a Pillow Position. The receptive partner is laying down on their back, bent in half, with their ankles in line with their face. They have a pillow under their head. The penetrating partner climbs on top to penetrate.

More About Pancake With a Pillow Position

To get into this positions, the receptive partner lays down with a pillow or towel under their lower back. They bend their knees and pull their legs towards their armpits. The penetrative partner kneels upright, leaving lots of room to play with the receptive partner’s clitoris or penis, or leans forward for extra body contact, kissing, and cuddling.

The pillow can also be substituted for Liberator sex furniture like the Liberator Black Label Wedge for wrist bondage opportunities as well.



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