Doggy in Space Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Doggy In Space Sex Position takes full advantage of a sex swing to perfectly position the entire body at the exact angle for perfect, pleasurable penetration. Like the name implies ("In Space"!) the sex swing allows both partners make adjustments on an open plane. Since the sex swing allows this sex position to be done in mid-air, the position allows for limitless changes to angles, limbs, heights, and more.

Doggy in Space Sex Position. The receiving partner is "laying", facedown in the air with the help of a sex swing. The penetrating partner is standing behind the receiving partner to help support their lower body while the upper body is supported by the sex swing and wrist straps.

To get into the Doggy in Space sex position, the receiver should stand in front of the sex swing, or be positioned if they cannot physically stand. They then place their upper body into the sex swing - taking care to arrange the sex swing straps where they will be most comfortable for supporting body weight. A lot of disabled people may have difficulty trying this position, so please have a conversation around it first. The penetrating partner then steps behind the receiver, and lifts up the receiver's legs on either side of the penetrating partner's body. [The top should check for pain and discomfort at this point.] As the penetrating partner does this, the receiver leans forward onto the sex swing straps to make the sex swing support their upper body weight while their partner supports their lower body weight. The couple can then enjoy intercourse.

More About Doggy in Space Position

This sex position relies on the strength of both partners to be pulled off. The penetrating partner must have enough upper body strength to support the receiving partner's lower body. The receiving partner must have enough core strength and upper body strength to hold themselves semi-vertical through the entirety of the position. While the sex swing will help support some of the body weight, don't be fooled: this can still a very athletic sex position. It is okay if you and your partner are unable to perform these positions, as a result of disability or body strength.

Your choice of sex swing will drastically change how much support the swing provides - and your own bodies will need to make up the difference. A sex swing with thinner, smaller straps (like the one shown in the illustration) will rely more on your own strength to support your upper and lower body. A sex swing with longer, thicker straps (like the Door Jam Sex Sling Special Edition or Door Jam Sex Sling) will provide more support to the abdomen while using a sex swing. With a bit of creativity, a full-support sex swing like the XR Brands Extreme Sling can also be used to provide enough support to reduce most of the body strain of this position.

Don't be afraid to use the straps of your sex swing to your advantage. Move and position the length of the straps (and the straps themselves) to best accommodate your body where support is needed. For example, a hip strap can be worn closer to the chest to better support the upper body and reduce the strain on the receiving partner. If that same hip strap is worn closer to the butt, it will support more of the lower body and reduce the weight that the penetrating partner needs to carry.

There's a simple, easy way to modify this sex position: this sex position can be done near a wall, and the receiver can place their feet against the wall. This alleviates some of the penetrating partner's upper body strain, and it can provide the receiver a surface to "push against" to provide leverage for keeping their body upright. (Look to the packaging of the Door Jam Sex Sling to see this modification in action)

Another modification has the receiver placing their feet on the ground. While this will change the angle of penetration closer to a standing sex position, it drastically reduces the strain on both partner's bodies. It will still allow you both to achieve a penetration angle that's impossible with standard standing sex. The receiving partner can easily control the angle by simply leaning further away from their partner and allowing the sex swing to support more and more of their weight. (Look to the packaging of the Door Jam Sex Sling Special Edition to see this modification in action.)

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