Over the Edge Position

Published: MARCH 14, 2023

Put your couch to good use with the Over the Edge sex position! Not only does this sex position exude that "gotta-have-it-now" passion, but it also supports a lot of the receiver's body weight to make it a very accessible position for many.
Over the Edge sex position: The receiving partner is bent over the arm of a couch with their upper boy laying on the couch cushions. The penetrating partner is straddling the receiver's raised hips for penetration.

To get into this couch sex position, the receiving partner should bend at the waist on top of the arm of a couch, resting their upper body on the couch. This will leave their hips poised in the air for easy penetration. The penetrating partner then straddles the receiver's legs to achieve intercourse.

More About Over the Edge Position

Think of the Over the Edge sex position as a modified doggy style position. Only, instead of the position being done on the ground, the Over the Edge position uses a nearby couch's arm as the bend-over point for intercourse. Not only does this make for easy, passionate sex in virtually any living room, but it provides a comfortable experience for the receiver -- and is friendly to everyone's knees.

The Over the Edge sex position can provide glorious g-spot or p-spot pleasure, but how it works it can vary depending on your bodies, the couch height and the exact angle of the hips. While getting into the Over the Edge position, mentally visualize the p-spot/g-spot location and try to match up angles in a way that will hit that innermost spot. For some couples, this may mean the receiver needs to rest their full upper body weight into the couch to raise their legs off the couch with a deep pelvic tilt.

Depending on the angle you achieve with the Over the Edge sex position, you may also find that the receiver is able to grind into the arm of the couch for some additional stimulation -- whether that's clitoral or penile. Depending on your body, this may be orgasmic or the pressure may be painful -- so don't forget to modify this position (or swap couches!) as needed to ensure things are comfortable for both partners.

If you're prepping to try the Over the Edge sex position, put some forethought into your couch selection. A couch arm with wider, plushier surfaces will be more comfortable for the receiver. Have the receiver stand up straight and hinge at the hips. The crease created right above the thighs will be the most comfortable place to lean over the arm of the couch. To alleviate pressure on this area, the receiver can leave their feet flat on the ground. If you've found a great couch pairing, however, the receiver may feel comfortable enough to lift their feet off the ground (as shown in the example illustration) for a different angle during intercourse.

However, as many couples get into the Over the Edge sex position in a moment of passion -- or may simply be stuck with the couch they have at home, "shopping" for couches may not be an option. If you find yourself with an uncomfortable pairing and you'd still like to explore the Over the Edge position, we recommend laying sex furniture -- like the Liberator Ramp -- on the seat of the couch, with the tall side toward the arm of the couch. Depending on the height of your couch arm, this can provide a wider, more sloped surface on which to rest your body weight and reduce pressure on the hips. You may also be able to rest a pillow on top of the arm of the couch to reduce any pressure points while the receiver lays on it.

If you're still finding it difficult to use a particular couch for this sex position, consider moving the position down onto both of your knees with the receiver resting their upper body onto one of the couch cushions -- like in the Magic Mountain position.

The Over the Edge position is also a great way to explore the sensations of the doggy style position if the receiver's knees or arms find stereotypical doggy style to be uncomfortable. As pressure on the knees is eliminated, and the couch supports the upper body weight, the receiver is free to relax into the position within the standard pressure points of doggy style sex.

For couples of discordant heights, the Over the Edge sex position might be preferred over standard doggy style -- especially if a difference in thigh length has always made doggy style difficult. Simply find a couch (or wide-armed chair!) that's the perfect height for the penetrating partner's hips, and the receiver can bend over it to make penetration possible. Depending on the receiver's height, this may require them keeping their legs closer together, or spreading them further apart, to bend at the required height to lean over the furniture. Once in place, however, this should place the hips at an ideal height for penetration.

While you're enjoying the Over the Edge sex position, don't forget about the longevity of your couch -- especially if it isn't your couch! Sex can lead to messes, whether from bodily fluids or lube, and certain fluids can be difficult to get out of fabrics. If you have the forethought, toss a towel or sex blanket -- or even a throw blanket! -- onto the arm of the couch before diving deep (pun intended) into this position.

The Over The Edge position may require a longer conversation about chronic pain and comfort, particularly if a person with chronic illness or disabilities wants to attempt the receiving position. Have a conversation about comfortability, longevity, access and anything else that may affect your experience in this position.

We also recognize that for many people with disabilities and/or chronic illness, this position is unattainable. So, curl up on the couch and watch a movie, and explore what might happen in that way too.



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