Carnal Clutch Sex Position

Published: MARCH 28, 2022

The Carnal Clutch sex position offers bondage while simultaneously providing leverage for deeper penetration - and it's size-friendly!

Carnal Clutch sex position. The receiving partner is laying flat on a surface while their ankles are in the air. The Liberator Talea's bondage cuffs are wrapped around the receiver's ankles while the penetrating partner holds the Talea up in the air. Their hips are pressed up against one another.To get into the Carnal Clutch sex position, the receiving partner lays on their back at the edge of an elevated surface. They place their feet into the air with their ankles bound with a spreader bar. The penetrating partner stands next to the elevated surface, with their hips pressed against the receiving partner, as they grasp the spreader bar to provide stability while thrusting.

More About Carnal Clutch Sex Position

At the center of this sex position is a spreader bar. While we have quite a few sex positions that work fantastically with a spreader bar, the Carnal Clutch uses the spreader bar as a multifunctional tool during intercourse. Not only does it provide erotic sensations of bondage for the receiver, but it simultaneously offers great leverage for the penetrating partner to achieve deeper, rougher penetration.

While offering the sensations of bondage, the spreader bar in Carnal Clutch also pulls double duty: it also helps provide support to keep the receiver's legs in the air. Be sure to openly communicate during this position to ensure the penetrating partner isn't supporting too much weight in their arms - which may fatigue them faster than if the receiving partner focused on supporting more of their leg weight.

Many spreader bars are made from sturdy, rigid, chilly metal. If that's the spreader bar you own, great: use that! To provide an ideal amount of comfort to the penetrating partner's chest and arms, however, we'd recommend wrapping that spreader bar in a soft blanket or towel. Alternatively, the Carnal Clutch is shown with the Liberator Talea spreader bar - which is a spreader bar covered with high-density foam for bolstering sex positions while simultaneously offering bondage points.

As pictured, the Carnal Clutch sex position requires the receiving partner to be able to place their legs straight up in the air. If the receiver is unable to place their legs straight up in the air, the penetrating partner may not be able to get close enough to achieve penetration while holding the spreader bar.

If that level of flexibility isn't comfortable, you may still be able to enjoy aspects of the Carnal Clutch position by placing the spreader bar behind the penetrating partner's back. While the penetrating partner will not be able to grip onto the spreader bar for leverage, having the spreader bar rest behind the penetrating partner requires less flexibility for the receiver while still providing the erotic sensation of BDSM bondage.

The Carnal Clutch position is very size friendly. The position offers ample space for larger tummies and thighs while the positioning of bodies helps make height differentials less of a concern. If the penetrating partner is finding that the height isn't right for achieving penetration, we recommend experimenting with different places for the receiver to lay down. Choosing a taller (or shorter!) couch, bed, sex furniture, or surface can provide the perfect angle to make this sex position happen.



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