Reclined Crouching Tiger Position

Updated: JULY 14, 2021

The Reclined Crouching Tiger sex position is similar to the Crouching Tiger position, which is a rear-entry position, except that the giving partner is in a reclined position.

Reclined Crouching Tiger Position

To get into this position, the giving partner should lie on their back while the receiver squats over their hips, facing their feet. The receiving partner can lean back to rest most of their weight their hands or elbows while the penetrating partner can help support with their hands.

This sex position can be used for anal or vaginal sex.

More About Reclined Crouching Tiger Position

The Reclined Crouching Tiger sex position is a great position for G-spot stimulation or prostate stimulation, as the angle of penetration allows the penis or strap-on to rub on the front wall. This position also allows easy access to a partner's clitoris or penis for easy pleasure with your hands, a vibrator, an air suction toy, a penis vibrator, or a penis stroker.

Whatever sex toy you choose, we recommend ensuring you have a comfortable grip on the item. As this position will include a lot of jostling between your bodies, a toy with an easy-grip design, like the Fun Factory NOS, FemmeFunn Dioni, Hot Octopuss DiGiT, or OhMiBod Rev, can be a great fit here. Tiny toys or slippery toys, like bullet vibrators or heavily lubricated strokers, may not be a good fit with this position.

The Reclined Crouching Tiger sex position can be done anywhere you have a flat, comfortable surface. While the bed will be a common choice for many, you can also use the couch, a sturdy kitchen table, or sex furniture like the Liberator Equus Wave.



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