Afternoon Delight Position

Updated: JULY 15, 2021

The Afternoon Delight sex position is a relaxing sex position that allows for minimal effort from both partners. To get into this position, the giving partner should be on their side. The recieving partner then swings both legs over the hips of the giving partner while lying with their back flat on the bed. This position can be used for vaginal or anal sex, with a toy like the Kiiroo Cliona for extra stimulation.

Afternoon Delight Position. The penetrating partner lays on their side. The receiving partner lays down at a 90-degree angle from them, meeting their hips together. The receiving partner hooks their legs over their partner's hips.

More About Afternoon Delight Position

The Afternoon Delight sex position is great because it is a position that requires a lower effort level, allowing partners to use this position for an extended period of time. This position is also leave the hands of both partners free to allow either partner to provide clitoral stimulation with a toy like the Cliona from Kiiroo, pictured here.



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