Little Dipper Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2022

The Little Dipper sex position is an exotic sex position in which the receiving partner lowers down onto the giving partner from an elevated position. The giving partner lies on their back beneath the receiving partner, who steadies themselves above them using two pieces of sturdy, balanced furniture.

diagram of the little dipper sex position

More About Little Dipper Position

The Little Dipper sex position provides a great workout for the triceps and shoulder muscles, leading some to dub it a form of "sexercise." However, this workout can be too intense for many people, who are likely to find that their arms give out long before they're sexually satisfied. A less challenging variation on the position sees the receiving partner staying in place while the giving partner lifts up to thrust in and out.

You can also slightly vary the position by placing pillows or sex furniture underneath the giver's backside. This extra elevation allows for deeper penetration. The pillows also reduce the distance the receiving partner must "dip," which makes the this sex position easier to manage.



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