Leopard Sex Position

Updated: JUNE 25, 2021

The Leopard sex position is a rear-entry sex position for anal or vaginal sex. This sexual position's name refers to the movements of the receiving partner, which resemble a leopard ready to pounce.

Leopard Sex Position. A rear entry sex position with penetrating partner kneeling behind receiving partner.

To get into the Leopard sex position, the penetrating partner gets into a seated kneeling position and leans back slightly. They can steady themselves with their hand if needed. This position exposes their erect penis or strap-on.

The receiving partner then lowers themselves down onto the penis or strap-on, for vaginal or anal penetration, and leans forward. They should spread their legs should slightly apart and position their feet near the penetrating partner’s legs. As they lean forward, they should steady themselves with their hands on the ground or bed, so they are on all fours. Their partner can provide extra support by holding onto their hips or buttocks during sex. The receiving partner rocks backward and forwards for sexual pleasure. The penetrating partner may caress their partner in this position to increase their pleasure.

The Leopard position offers deep penetration and G-spot and P-spot stimulation. The position also lengthens the vaginal and anal canal. This can make penetration easier and more comfortable for some receiving partners.

The Leopard sex position requires a medium level of fitness and flexibility. It is sometimes called the Leaping Leopard Position.

More About Leopard Sex Position

Unlike many rear-entry sex positions, the receiving partner has the greatest control in the Leopard position. They control the rhythm and depth of penetration. Rocking fast or slow, with deep or shallow penetration, are simple ways to vary this sex position. The control receiving partners have in the Leopard position can be very appealing for people who usually take a submissive role during sex.

In a variation of the leopard position, the receiving partner lies flat on their stomach - like in the Headlong or Speed Bump position. The giving partner lies flat on top, with their weight evenly distributed across the receiving partner’s body. If the giving partner is much heavier, they can prop themselves up with their forearms to support some of their own weight. The receiving partner arches their back and tilts their pelvis, so the giving partner can penetrate them. The receiving partner rocks backward and forwards to control the rhythm of penetration in this variation. As the receiving partner keeps their legs together, the vagina or anus is less open in this position. This snugger fit can make sex incredibly pleasurable. Receiving partners can also squeeze their kegel muscles on penetration for an even tighter fit.

Keeping position in the variation of the Leopard can be challenging. The receiving partner may feel more stable holding onto the edge of the bed, sex furniture, or anything else nearby. Holding onto the bed can make rocking while staying in position easier. However, receiving partners find this position less strenuous as the bed supports their weight.

Matching the height of the giving partner’s penis or strap-on to the height of the receiving partner’s anus or vagina will help you avoid injuries. Couples should go slowly at first, to make sure their bodies are in alignment. The receiving partner may need to raise or lower their hips, or move their knees further forward or backward, to get in the right position.

Couples exploring the Leopard sex position may want to look into the idea of adding sex toys to their fun. This position lends itself well to cock rings, anal toys, and couple's vibrators as both partners may have their hands full with the position itself.



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