Kneeling Wheelbarrow Position

Updated: JULY 12, 2021

The Kneeling Wheelbarrow Sex Position is a from-behind position with a twist - the ability to create a new angle of penetration.

Kneeling Wheelbarrow Sex Position

The receiver is on all fours like traditional doggy style - however, one of their legs is lifted and pushed straight out behind them. The penetrating partner kneels behind the spread thighs of the receiver to slide inside.">

If you and your partner are familiar with that age-old classic of the behind, or doggy-style as it’s also referred to, then the Kneeling Wheelbarrow’s leg move should be relatively easy. We understand that for some people with disabilities, stiffness, and/or chronic pain, this position is not accessible at all.

The possibly tricky bit involves balancing, especially with the position’s defining one-leg lift. However, if the penetrating partner wraps their arm around that stretched-out leg to help with support, then getting into the Kneeling Wheelbarrow shouldn’t be too challenging if you can.

If that doesn’t sound alluring, you certainly have the option to receive additional assistance via a stack of pillows, a slightly modified suspension rig, or perhaps resting that foot on a piece of furniture. It’s OK if you can’t stretch your legs out at all and need to consider a different position altogether.

More About Kneeling Wheelbarrow Position

Fans of the Kneeling Wheelbarrow are known to get excitedly gushy over how its leg lift tweaks how doggy style typically feels by altering the angle of penetration. Not only that but, depending on the receiving person’s body type, it may even allow for a deeper reach.

If there’s anything to be cautious about with this position, it’s probably that its leg extension could result in a cramp. Which, though not immediately risky for any long-term injury, still isn’t fun to experience. If you have disabilities that result in chronic pain, cramps, or muscle spasms, you will want to speak with your partner about what is possible concerning this position. If it doesn't work, there are so many other options to choose from!

Keep in mind, too, that along with how mobility and body shape might affect how pleasurable you find the Kneeling Wheelbarrow, you and your partner, will no doubt need to make additional adjustments if you want to try it for something like anal play.

If doggy-style is already a playtime favorite, think about trying it with this novel twist.



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