Oral Pinwheel Position

Updated: MARCH 14, 2023

The Oral Pinwheel position uses a creative, comfortable format to ensure everyone is both giving and receiving during group sex. The Oral Pinwheel is easy for most people to understand and its modular design allows it to accommodate as many people as are interested.

Oral Pinwheel group sex position. Three people are laying on their sides. Each person has their mouth in-between the thighs of another person while someone else has their mouth in-between their own thighs. This give-and-receive is happening with each person for a top-down view that looks like a pinwheel.

To get into the Oral Pinwheel, the first person should lay down on their side. Once comfortable, they spread their knees apart while the second person lays down, face between the first person's thighs, using the first person's thigh as a pillow. The exact angle they need to lay at will vary based upon how many people will be taking part in Oral Pinwheel. The third person repeats what the second person did, but with their head laying on the second person's thighs instead. Repeat this process until everyone is in a train position.

More About Oral Pinwheel Position

The Oral Pinwheel ensures everyone is involved in the group sex experience. Everyone within this position is providing and receiving oral sex. While rimming in this sex position may be difficult, oral sex on a penis or clitoris will be workable.

Be sure to check that all parties are comfortable giving and receiving oral sex before attempting this position. Getting intimate with genitals you're not attracted to or having someone perform oral sex on you could be a major turn off for some group sex participants. Communicate thoroughly before attempting anything.

For any person uncomfortable with giving or receiving oral sex, the free hand available in Oral Pinwheel can help fill in the gap. A person can still lay in this position, but use their free hand to hold a sex toy against themselves or another person. This can help continue the circle of stimulation while simultaneously ensuring no one needs to engage in something they aren't comfortable with.

One downside to this position is the lack of visibility. A large part of the enjoyment of many group sex encounters is the ability to watch what others are doing. Having your head between someone else's thighs will prevent you from seeing what's going on. People may wish to remove themselves from the Oral Pinwheel at some point during sex, and the entire group will need to rearrange to fill the gap. We are fully aware that people with mobility and other types of disabilities may not be able to participate in this position, and that is OK! Talk to each other about comfort levels throughout this whole process and be very clear about positioning concerns.

While the majority of the pleasure for each participant will come from oral sex, the Oral Pinwheel leaves each participant with both hands free to hold sex toys, stimulate or explore. Sex toys can also be a lifesaver if someone's mouth gets too tired to continue. Just remember to practice safer sex protocols if the toy will be shared among the participants -- like swapping out condoms over the head of a wand massager.

While the Oral Pinwheel is shown with three participants, it can be expanded as far as your imagination allows. Unlike many group sex positions, the Oral Pinwheel requires very minimal movement and can be performed lying down. To reduce the amount of effort and leg strain, or to support immobile legs, add a large pillow between the knees, behind the giving partner's neck to raise the receiver's legs and make the position more comfortable for everyone.

Because of its adaptable positioning, the Oral Pinwheel lends itself well to large orgies. It might be impossible to synchronize everyone's orgasm within the Oral Pinwheel position (especially when the group gets large), but the Oral Pinwheel's design allows any satiated person to easily leave the circle. The circle will simply close back up, and the stimulation will continue all the same without the satiated person's involvement. This is different from many other group sex positions where extricating may be difficult or would throw off the rest of the participants within the position.

As the Oral Pinwheel will have all of the participants laying on their hip and arm for the entirety of the position, it may be best to do this position on a soft surface like a bed or carpet. As the group count gets larger, it may not be possible to do this sex position in the "best" location. At that point, we'd recommend using pillows and blankets to your advantage to try to make every participant as comfortable as possible.



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