Extended Cowgirl Position

Updated: JULY 15, 2021

The Extended Cowgirl position swaps up the angle on traditional partner-on-top sex. Not only does this make it more comfortable for everyone, but it can give the receiving partner more control to find the perfect spot.

Extended Cowgirl Sex Position. The penetrating partner lays flat. The receiving partner sits on top of the penis and lays backwards while extending their legs towards the penetrating partner's armpits for a more comfortable position.

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner lays flat on a comfortable surface. The receiving partner then straddles the penetrating partner's hips to achieve intercourse. Once in place, the receiving partner then unfolds their legs and places them flat on the floor. They can then lean forward - or back - to find the best angle for orgasmic sensation.

The Extended Cowgirl position is a simple, more comfortable version of the Cowgirl sex position. While Cowgirl requires that the partner on top to kneel, Extended Cowgirl allows them to sit and lean backward for support. This can be a good option for people who have trouble kneeling. People may also enjoy the different angle of entry this position allows.

More About Extended Cowgirl Position

To get into this position, the partner on top must be careful to lower themselves slowly onto their partner. Moving too quickly or forcefully into this position could cause injury to the penis - and nobody wants that.

The partner on top maintains most of the control throughout the position. They can move up and down or in circles as they like and can use their arms to vary the angle. Most partners will find it easiest to slide forwards and backwards which can provide fantastic internal sensations to the receiver without a lot of up-and-down stroking for the penetrating partner.

With the penetrating partner's comfortable, flat position with both hands available, the Extended Cowgirl position lends itself well to sex toys. The penetrating partner can easily wear an anal toy like a prostate massager - or they can hand-hold a toy to pleasure the receiving partner like a wand massager. Both participants can also benefit from a shared toy like the We-Vibe Chorus (pictured) or the Fun Factory NOS.

This sex position may also be called the Extended Cowboy Position if the partner on top identifies as male.



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