The Ship Position

Updated: JULY 20, 2020

The ship position is a delicate, balance-oriented sex position that provides challenge and intimacy. In this position, the receiving partner sits cross legged on top of the giving partner, but faces the side of the body for a unique angle of entry. The partner on top can then rock back and forth and move gently in ways that feel good to both partners.

Ship Sex Position. The penetrating partner lays down flat. The receiving partner climbs on top and faces the side of the penetrating partner's body. The receiving partner crosses their legs and balances on top of the penetrating partner.

More About The Ship Position

Because of the sideways entry, the ship sex position can be challenging. It is important to be very careful when lowering into this position, as it could bend or put uncomfortable stress on the penis. The best thing about this position is that it puts the partner on top's clitoris and anus right at the level of each of her partner's hands.



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