Horseless Rider Sex Position

Updated: MAY 24, 2021

The Horseless Rider is a solo sex position the targets the vulva.

Horseless Rider Sex Position. A person wearing a pair of panties is straddling a scrunched up pillow. A vibrator inside of their panties is vibrating while they grind against the pillow.

It's especially good for those who enjoy broad stimulation between the thighs. People with very sensitive clitorises who don't like the feel of direct contact targeted at their clit may like the feeling of this position.

All you need for this position is a pillow and a sex toy . Slip the vibrator into your underwear and secure it in the way that works best for you (like with bondage rope). Then, bunch the pillow up to make a ridge and position a leg on either side. In your straddling position, you can rub your vulva or penis against the mound of the pillow. Experiment with slow sexy figure eights with your hips or hard and fast thrusts. There are plenty of patterns to try out alongside your vibe for even more variation.

More About Horseless Rider Sex Position

Rider on top positions are great for people who like to "run the fuck" as Betty Dodson would say. During penetrative sex, the rider controls the depth and speed. There's no penetration in the Horseless Rider (unless you use a specialized sex furniture pillow like the Humphrey), but the rider still maintains the speed.

If you have a partner, the Horseless Rider allows some very erotic views for them to watch. If you have a remote controlled vibrator, you can even hand over control while you straddle and let them join in your pleasure.

Both large and small body shapes can get pleasure from this type of grinding position. The spread position of your legs and soft pillowy material between your thighs can even help mitigate a lot of chafing issues. However, people who struggle with knee pain or are unable to get into a supported kneeling position may find the discomfort outweighs the fun.

For maximum enjoyment, a firmer pillow will offer greater resistance and a better surface to grind against. A toy mount or specifically designed sex furniture made with a high-density foam will hold its shape the best. It's definitely worth the investment if you find this is a position you want to bring into regular rotation in your masturbation repertoire!



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