Back Tackle Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 22, 2022

The Back Tackle position is made for some serious tongue action. Whether you're into rimming or giving oral sex from behind, the Back Tackle sex position is here to please!

The receiving partner is facing a wall, bracing themselves on the wall. The giving partner kneels to place their face between the receiver's butt cheeks.

In this position, the giving partner's hands are free to go to town and do whatever it takes, both for themselves and for their partner. If easier access is required for the giver to do their thing, the receiver should bend over further or spread the legs - better exposing more areas between the legs.

More About Back Tackle Position

This sex-101 foreplay position can be every bit as sexy as it looks. Plus, it's dead simple and is perfect for getting in the mood. Beginners and seasoned sex junkies alike will appreciate everything on offer here.

The best bit? There's a wall in pretty much every room of the house.



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