Female-Superior Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

Female-superior position is a sex position in which the female (or receiving partner, regardless of gender) partner is on top.

Female Superior sex position. The receiving partner lays on their back. The receiver straddles their hips and leans forward to control the pace of sex.

To achieve this sex position, the penetrating partner lays flat on their back. The receiving partner then climbs on top, straddling the receiver's hips. They achieve penetration, then lean forward for-face-to-face contact with their partner.

Another variation has the receiving partner leaning even further forward, laying on top of their partner, chest-to-chest, like a reverse version of the Missionary position.

This differs from the similar Cowgirl position which usually includes the receiving partner leaning backwards instead of forwards. The two terms are often used interchangeably, however, as sex usually includes these small body readjustments without thinking of them as distinctly "different" positions.

More About Female-Superior Position

In this position, the receiver is in control of the pace and the depth of penetration. If you both are desiring more sensations and a feeling of fullness, a penis extender vibrator like the Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension can be a great fit here. Especially with the added thickness, the receiver-on-top positioning allows them to take penetration at their own pace.

The "opposite" of this position is the Male-Superior position.


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