Happy Baby Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

The Happy Baby sex position is derived from the happy baby position often practiced in yoga.

Happy Baby Position. The receiving partner is lying down on their back with their knees pulled up towards their face. The wrists grip the ankles to help keep the ankles in the air. The penetrating partner climbs on top to penetrate.

To get into this pose, the receiver should lie on their back with knees drawn in toward the chest. Grabbing the outer edges of the feet and pulling the knees down toward the shoulders while lengthening the back can also help improve alignment here, making penetration easier and more comfortable.

More About Happy Baby Position

In yoga, this pose is designed to open the hips, increase circulation and create a sense of grounding and relaxation. As a sex position, it provides intimacy and comfort, as well as plenty of clitoral or penile stimulation for the receiver.



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