The Melody Maker Position

Updated: JULY 18, 2022

The Melody Maker is a front entry position with a twist. The position requires that the receiving partner use either a chair, sex furniture, ottoman, or small footstool to lie on.

Melody Maker Sex Position. The receiving partner is draped over top of a foot rest with their legs hanging off one end and their head hanging off the other end. They spread their legs, and the penetrating partner slides between them to penetrate.

To get into this position, use either a chair where the partner is seated sideways or a footstool (while leaning backwards) so the head is toward the ground. The penetrating partner kneels and enters between the legs.

More About The Melody Maker Position

This sex position is great because it requires little effort but still leads to an intense orgasm due to the receiver's angle. The partners can hold hands to change the angle at which the receiving partner is leaning. The downside to this position is that the blood rushing to the head might be too much to stay in the position for a long period of time.

Don't forget about the magic of cock rings for this position too. With your hands occupied and your hips pressed close together, a cock ring like the FunFactory NOS or Nexus Simul8 can be a great fit here. This position may also be a good position to explore ball sex - like with a Balldo. Since the receiving partner is stationary with extra room for the penetrating partner's shaft, this unique position can lend itself well to testicle sex.

If the receiving partner finds the inverted head position to be uncomfortable, feel free to modify this position by using a longer laying surface. A bed or long ottoman, where the receiver's head is supported, will eliminate a lot of the inversion of this sex position.

If you don't have an ottoman or find your ottoman too uncomfortable, sex furniture, like Liberator Flip-Ramp, can be a great way to achieve this position.



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