The Reclining Lotus Position

Updated: JULY 5, 2021

The reclining lotus position is a unique, penetrator-on-top position that is a variation of the traditional lotus position. To get into this position, the receiving partner first lies on their back with their legs in the lotus position, placing each of their feet on top of the opposite knee, so that they're cross-legged. The penetrating partner can then kneel over their partner for penetration.

Reclining Lotus Position. The receiving partner lays on their back and pulls their knees back into their chest. The penetrating partner lays on top with one their knees alongside the thigh of the receiving with their other leg straightened out.

More About The Reclining Lotus Position

This position can get very tiring and uncomfortable over a longer period of time. To help prevent this, the penetrating partner can support most of their weight with their arms. They can also kneel in front of their partner, which can help prevent the receiving partner's legs from getting sore.



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