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New Toy to Know: Zumio X and S

Published: APRIL 6, 2020 | Updated: JULY 22, 2020 12:26:41
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If you're looking for a sex toy that closely resembles the pleasure of your own fingertips, that's exactly where the Zumio comes in.

Who said vibrations were the only way a sex toy could pleasure a clitoris? We certainly didn't!


A completely revolutionary take on the topic of clitoral pleasure, the Zumio functions on rotations - rather than vibration. This better replicates the feeling of fingers on the clitoris. During masturbation, a lot of people respond well to a back-and-forth or circular motion on the clitoris with fingers. That's exactly what the Zumio was designed to replicate - only in the form of a sex toy!

Instead of adjusting vibrations, the Zumio allows you to adjust the speed of the rotations of the small, pinpoint tip. Much like an elegant pen, this purple clitoral toy was designed for a gentle (or firm!) press of the rotating tip up against the clitoris. Apply a firm pressure to allow the rotations to provide strong pleasure to the clitoris while a light pressure can feel more like a gentle, teasing touch.

What's the Difference between the Zumio X and the Zumio S?

Turns out, a 0.25" tip swirling around the clitoris can be quite a pinpoint stimulation. For some people, they've been waiting their whole lives for a sex toy to come out like this! For others, they definitely want to enjoy the pleasure, but they're unsure about something quite this pinpoint.

Hey, we got you.

Zumio X and S clitoral stimulator comparison


The two different Zumio models correspond to the intensity of the pinpoint stimulation. By shortening the stem and adding a soft, thick cover around the tip of the Zumio, the Zumio S is much less-pinpoint. It still provides the same pleasurable rotation that this purple sex toy is here for, but it isn't quite as "in your face" on the intensity. The Zumio S can go from a four to seven on the pleasurable intensity scale while the Zumio X is more like a six to 10.

But hey, if you want "in your face", the Zumio X is the way to go. No-holds-barred pleasure.

Which One Should I Choose?

Do you freakin' love the Hitachi or tend to provide strong, firm pressure on the clitoris during masturbation - whether that's with a vibrator pushed up against your bits or with your finger? Are you looking for a toy that, when you're in the mood for it, can get you off without beating around the bush? That's the Zumio X.

Do you like to explore your body, slowly build up intensity, and then crash into a long-building orgasm? Do you tend to prefer a softer touch and more diffused pleasure that isn't focused entirely on the clitoris? We'd definitely recommend the Zumio S.


Zumio X and S clitoral stimulators are waterproof

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Without vibrations, Zumio is actually whisper-quiet!
  • Zumio has a huge battery life! But with great battery life comes great charging time. Its initial charging time will be 16 hours. With that 16 hour charge, you can get up to 4 hours of use!
  • The purple toy's charging base offers wireless, effortless charging. Just slide the Zumio into the base anytime you're not using it, and Zumio will always be ready!
  • Travel often? Zumio has an easy-to-use travel lock to avoid any embarrassing TSA questions.
  • Zumio is waterproof for easy cleaning.

Zumio X clitoral stimulator with charging base and box

Experiment With Your Pleasure!

Zumio prides itself on being as intuitive to use as your finger. That means you adjust the intensity and power of the vibrator by simply moving it around. While you can always use the buttons on the shaft to increase and decrease rotations, the primary way to interact with the Zumio is by moving it around your body and exploring - and those are certainly words we can get behind!

Zumio X clitoral stimulator controls

If you're looking for a sex toy that closely resembles the pleasure of your own fingertips, that's exactly where the Zumio comes in.



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