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New Toy to Know: Tenga GEO

Published: OCTOBER 12, 2020
The Tenga GEO is a masturbation sleeve that straddles the line between piece of art and jerk off dream.

Nobody says your penis masturbation sleeve needs to look "realistic". In fact, when it's as artistic as the Tenga GEO looks, we can definitely see the benefit of a non-realistic jerk off sleeve!


Instead of a realistic design, the Tenga GEO goes geometric with a unique penis masturbation sleeve that looks just as comfortable on your penis as they would on a display shelf. How's that for multi-tasking?!

Tenga Geo sexy toy review

The Tenga GEO is a reusable, reversible masturbation sleeve. See those neat geometric textures? At rest and on display, those textures make the Tenga GEO look like a fascinating piece of art.


When you flip the penis sleeve inside out, though, those textures are now on the inside and make up the bulk of your stroking sensation with the Tenga GEO!

While the Tenga GEO is a sphere-shaped sleeve, much like the Tenga Eggs, the Tenga GEO is extremely stretchy. As the GEO reaches the edge of its shape, the sphere "stretches" to cover the shaft of the penis.

While doing so, the internal texture of the sphere slides along the penis for some unique (and orgasmic!) sensations during your stroking session.

Tenga Geo sexy toy review


When you're done, the close-ended design of the Tenga GEO makes for simple clean-up. Just wash up the inside of the GEO, flip it inside-out again, and allow it to dry on its included drying stand.

Now the Tenga GEO is back to being a piece of geometric art until you need to use it for its "true" purpose again.

(Did you try the Tenga Eggs when they were featured as our New Toy to Know? Consider the Tenga GEO a larger, more-intense, reusable version of the Tenga Eggs! Not only is the texture more intense on the GEO, but it's also entirely reusable!)

What Are My Texture Choices?

It wouldn't be a Tenga if it didn't come with different texture options! Tenga has always been fond of offering their fantastically unique penis toys in multiple textures to keep the sensations feeling new and fresh. (See the Tenga Eggs and Tenga Spinner).

So, like other Tenga options, the Tenga GEO offers your choice of three different textures:


  • Tenga GEO Coral: As the best-selling GEO texture, it's hard to go wrong with the Tenga GEO Coral. If you've ever seen a coral reef, you'll know exactly where Tenga got its inspiration! This masturbation sleeve features a fascinating geometric texture with varying heights to keep the sensation feeling fresh with each stroke.

    Tenga Geo sexy toy review

  • Tenga GEO Aqua: If you love ridges, the Tenga GEO Aqua is going to be the GEO for you. The entirety of the GEO Aqua is filled with deep waves of ridges. Each stroke makes these ridges slide against the penis for orgasmic sensations.
    Tenga Geo sexy toy review
  • Tenga GEO Glacier: This pyramid-focused masturbation sleeve texture is certainly unique in the world of sex toys! Each one of these "pyramids" is distinctly separated from the pyramid next to it ensuring that each one of these texture-full areas will move along the penis with every stroke. Tenga describes the GEO Glacier as providing "Dynamic, Surging Pleasure".
    Tenga Geo sexy toy review

As you can see, all of the Tenga GEOs are designed for pleasure; it's just a matter of personal preference. Do you think one would feel the best? Or maybe you're visually attracted to one of these sleeves over the rest? Or maybe you just think one would look best of your mantel? Whatever the reason, you'll have to choose, but no matter which one you choose, you'll get a fantastic masturbation experience.

How Do You Use the Tenga GEO?

Okay, okay. So, we see your point. It IS a unique penis masturbation sleeve - but that's what makes it so awesome too. The toy's unique shape is part of what makes it so artistic - and so discreet! But when it comes down to it, you want to use it for its intended purpose. Luckily for everyone (especially when you really need that orgasm!), using the Tenga GEO is actually pretty easy.

  1. Take your Tenga GEO from its display spot on the shelf. (You are displaying it, right? It looks like some gorgeous alien art!)
  2. Gently flip the Tenga GEO inside out so that the textured part of the GEO is on the inside while the outside is smooth. While you don't want to do this with every ounce of strength you have, the material is particularly durable, and it flips inside out pretty easily.
    Tenga Geo sexy toy review
  3. Apply lube to the penis and drizzle some around the entrance and inside of the Tenga GEO. (The GEO comes with your first sample-size of lube to get you through your first use, but past that, you'll need to BYOL - Bring Your Own Lube!)
  4. Slide the Tenga GEO onto the penis. Use your hand grip to make the sensation more intense - or less intense. You can also choose to focus on the head, or provide full strokes to the entire penis. The 3.4" ball of the Tenga GEO stretches with each stroke (up to 6.7" inches!).
  5. Enjoy the Tenga GEO until orgasm - or until you choose to move onto other toys or sensations. We don't judge if you have a whole line-up of masturbation sleeves! (We encourage it!)
  6. When you're done, the close-ended design of the Tenga GEO allows for easy clean-up. With the Tenga GEO's large entrance, it's easy to clean out the interior of the Tenga GEO with warm water and mild soap.
  7. When the GEO is clean, flip it inside-out again (so the unique texture is on the outside!), remove excess water with some pats of a washcloth or towel, and allow the Tenga GEO to air-dry on its included stand.
  8. When the Tenga GEO masturbation sleeve is fully dry, the lid of the case can be replaced for dust-free storage and display.

Important Things to Know:

  • Reusable
  • Includes drying stand and display stand
  • Includes sample-size lube packet
  • Unstretched Length: 3.43"
  • Unstretched Width: 3.43"
  • Length Stretches to: Approx. 6.69"
  • Length Widens to: Approx. 1.97"


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