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New Toy to Know: Nexus Revo Extreme

Published: JUNE 15, 2020 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
The size isn't the only thing the Revo Extreme is offering. Packed into this prostate massager are two different sensations.

After experiencing that first twinge of orgasmic pleasure through prostate play, you've tried every toy out there. While Aneros and Nexus are the big names in the prostate game, you've even adventured outside of those two best-selling companies. If there's a prostate toy out there, you've probably tried it - or at least seen it!


But, you haven't tried anything like the Nexus Revo Extreme, and that's exactly why it's our New Toy to Know for this week!

Not for the faint of heart, the Revo Extreme was built off the same orgasmic prostate designs of its forefathers but with one large change: the thickness. Crafted due to customer demand for a thick, drives-you-wild prostate toy, the Revo Extreme won't let you down if you're tired of the slim prostate toys that dominate the market.

The size isn't the only thing the Revo Extreme is offering. Packed into this prostate massager are two different sensations. The bi-rotational shaft tip makes for automated prostate massage. Just turn it on, and the rotating head will hit your prostate - again and again.


That's enough pleasure to make the Revo Extreme more-than-worth-it, but Nexus isn't about to let any pleasure opportunity go to waste. The textured perineal-massage base is equipped with six vibration intensities for even more orgasmic stimulation at the same time. Talk about a powerful toy!

Gone are the days of awkwardly fumbling at the base of your toy to find the control buttons. Welcome to the world of the Nexus remote. Fully wireless, this slimline, easy-to-hold remote allows for instant control over the rotational shaft and the vibration intensities.

Relax and enjoy yourself because the remote makes sure you can control the prostate massager from exactly where you're sitting!

Say good-bye to the days of hunting down batteries, too! Both the remote and the Nexus Revo Extreme are fully rechargeable. As if that wasn't enough, the Revo Extreme has TEN HOURS of battery life.


That's right! if you want all-day prostate stimulation, the Revo Extreme will even outlast your workday. Whew! (Unless your workday is longer than ten hours. In that case, you definitely need the Revo Extreme in your life to add some excitement!)

Nexus Revo Extreme Side View

Sexy Ways to Use the Nexus Revo Extreme

  • Start off using one of your slimmer prostate toys. Once your body is warmed up, switch out your slimmer prostate toy for the Nexus Revo Extreme. Not only will be your body be better warmed up, but you'll definitely notice the difference in thickness!
  • Experience the pleasure of hands-free prostate pleasure! While it may take a bit of practice and some retraining in the way your body experiences pleasure and orgasm, hands-free prostate toys like the Nexus Revo Extreme were designed to help that happen. See what happens when you forego penile stimulation while using the Revo Extreme!
  • Not interested in hands-free? That's a-okay! Why not add the Revo Extreme to your already-awesome masturbation routine? Slide the Revo Extreme into the butt before you enjoy your usual jerk-off session. With the remote control, you don't need to move around in order to adjust the intensity of your prostate pleasure. Just press a few buttons for brand-new sensations anytime you want it!
  • Experiment with new positions! Getting a good prostate sensation with a massager depends on getting the right position for your body. Laying on your side, in the fetal position, is usually a win for a lot of bodies. However, you might consider laying with your butt up against the wall and putting your legs up onto the wall as well. Both positions make the prostate more accessible (which is good information for playing without the Revo Extreme too!)
  • Want to bring in a partner? Great! The remote control makes that easy-as-pie! Slide the Nexus Revo Extreme into the butt and hand off the remote to your partner. Let them control the prostate massager's rotations - or the powerful vibration settings!

Nexus Revo Extreme anal vibrator


Learn More about the Nexus Revo Extreme

  • 2 Speed, Bi-Rotational Shaft
  • 6 Vibration Settings
  • Textured base with nodules for added perineal pleasure
  • Waterproof
  • Includes slim remote control
  • Both remote and toy are rechargeable
  • Total Length: 7"
  • Insertable Length: 3.94"
  • Diameter at the Widest Point: 2.13"
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