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New Toy to Know: Le Wand Stainless Steel Collection

Published: JUNE 22, 2020 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
"Steel," you say. "Isn't that for construction and manufacturing?" Well, yes, but stainless steel can be an amazing sex toy material too!

Does your current dildo only have one usable end? Did you know that toys can actually be double-ended? In fact, every single toy from the new Le Wand Stainless Steel collection is double-ended. This means two distinct pleasures in one single purchase! We don't know about you, but we like getting as much value as possible - and two different dildos is one is definitely our idea of value!

Appropriately named, the new Le Wand Stainless Steel collection features three orgasmically pleasurable, double-ended dildos. These high-quality toys each have a unique design expertly crafted with stainless steel to hit those highly-sensitive erogenous zones inside of your body. If you've never played with stainless steel, you're definitely in for a treat.


Why Stainless Steel?

If you haven't had a toy made of stainless steel, you might be scratching your head. "Steel," you say. "Isn't that for construction and manufacturing?"

Well, yes. It is. Our buildings wouldn't hold up nearly as well if they switched away from metals. However, stainless steel can be an amazing sex toy material too! Did you know that steel is regularly used in medical procedures and for bone replacements? Yes, stainless steel is body-safe - and perfect as a sex toy material.

Love rigidity? You're going to love stainless steel. Stainless steel is the king of rigid sensations. If you're looking for firm G-spot or P-spot stimulation, the Le Wand Stainless Steel collection is going to be your new BFF. It doesn't bend - not even a little bit - even under the roughest pressure.

group shot of the Le Wand Arch Swerve and Bow stainless steel sex toys

Steel is known for its longevity and durability, and the same can be said for sex toys made from stainless steel. With proper care, your new Le Wand stainless steel toys are designed to last years - maybe even decades! With perfect care, this toy could last a literal lifetime! We just recommend being careful during washing. Sometimes, in a battle of "stainless steel dildo versus tile", the dildo will win.

Plus, stainless steel lends itself perfectly to temperature play. Your Le Wand Stainless Steel toys will take on the temperature of its surroundings. Warm water will make your Le Wand toy warm - and cold water will do the opposite. Warm yourself up on a chilly day, or enjoy some frigid sensations in the middle of summer. Just make sure to test the temperature on your inner wrist before you get too penetration-happy!


Which Toy Should I Get from the Le Wand Stainless Steel Collection?

We're happy you asked! Each one of the Stainless Steel items in the Le Wand collection was especially designed for a unique sensation. So while you can definitely collect the whole set (hey, we don't collection-shame!), if you're just looking for one, here's what each one of these gloriously beautiful toys are known for.

Prostate and Anal Stim from the Le Wand Swerve:

Stainless steel sex toy Le Wand Swerve

Crafted especially to replicate two well-loved anal sensations, each end of the Swerve offers a different anal sensation. Play with the thicker end for a big sensation that's reminiscent of your favorite prostate toy – only larger with more gradual curves for arousing thrusting capabilities.


The opposing end of the Swerve offers six bulbs that probably remind you of anal beads - again, with gradual curves to make them thrusting-friendly. Enjoy the heft of the thicker end inside of you - or play with the constant stretching sensation of the opposing end.

Direct G-Spot Connection from the Le Wand Arch:

Le Wand Arch stainless steel G-spot dildo

An extension of your own hand, the Le Wand Arch combines two of the best-selling G-spot dildo types into a single toy! One end of the Arch offers a thick, tapered design for sensual stretching with a gradual slope for grinding against for broad stimulation.


Flip the dildo around for a flat-tipped design that's designed for targeted G-spot pressure. Either way you use the Arch, you're going to be getting to know your g-spot even better!

Hit ALL the Spots with the Le Wand Bow:

Le Wand Bow G-spot dildo

Perfectly multi-functional, the Bow is the ultimate in versatility: easily going from a double-ended dildo, a vaginal exerciser, or a G-spot or P-spot pleasurer. One end of the Bow offers a thick bulb with a textured shaft for constant sensation during penetration.


The opposing end of the Bow offers a pure bulb-only experience which seamlessly transfers between being a great kegel exerciser gripping point or a heavy-thrusting dildo. With its curved design, either side of this stainless steel wand can become your next G-spot or P-spot best friend.

Learn the Nitty Gritty

  • Made entirely from stainless steel
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature-Friendly
  • Compatible with all lube types
  • Sterilizable
  • Includes plush travel bag, cleaning cloth, and a guide on how to use your toy for maximum pleasure

Le Wand Bow G-spot dildo with travel bag

Le Wand Stainless Steel Swerve Measurements

  • Length: 8.5" (8.47")
  • Diameter of thicker end: 1.27"
  • Weight: 1.14 lbs

Le Wand Stainless Steel Arch Measurements

  • Length: 8.5"
  • Diameter of thicker end: 1.44"
  • Diameter of thinner end: 1"
  • Weight: 1.87 lbs

Le Wand Stainless Steel Bow Measurements

  • Length: 8" (7.97")
  • Diameter of swirled, bulb end: 1.33"
  • Diameter of teardrop end: 1.1"
  • Weight: 1.11lbs


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