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New Toy to Know: Geisha Balls by Mystim

Published: JULY 5, 2019 | Updated: JANUARY 24, 2022
Pelvic floor strengthening and mesmerizing electrostimulation? Mystim's new line of Geisha Balls have upped the kegel game.

Hey, y'all. Each and every month, we're highlighting new sex toys that are out on the market - and available in the Kinkly Shop. We'll give you the down-low on the toy, why it's worth watching out for, and who it might be right for. Today we're featuring Mystim's Geisha Balls line, new e-stim kegel exercisers!


You’ve heard (probably a million times by now) that you should do kegels if you want a strong pelvic floor, fewer “oops” moments when you laugh or sneeze, and better orgasms. That’s all true.

But let’s face it. Kegels are kind of boring. If you’ve tried typical Ben Wa balls to get your “workout” in and found them lacking, you’re not alone.

The Geisha Balls line from Mystim might be a game changer. You can combine your love of sensations, explore electroplay, and delight in sensuous stimulation while doing those all-important kegels! Instead of losing count or feeling bored, you could be moaning and screaming in pleasure. Talk about the right way to multi-task!


Mystim Geisha Balls next to weights

What are Geisha Balls?

Mystim introduces the latest in pelvic floor exercises, pleasure, and electroplay with the Geisha Balls line. Choose from three options:

  • Unplain Jane: A single ball perfect for beginners
  • Jane Wonda: A dual ball set for added stimulation and pleasure
  • Jane Untamed: A dual ball set that includes vibrations and a remote control for hands-free pleasure

Each of the Janes is filled with rotating balls to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles and your desire. All are compatible with Mystim’s Cluster Buster EMS device and other Mystim powerboxes. This electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device is what gives the Geisha Balls their powerful sensation and stimulation.


If electrosex has you a little nervous, you’re not alone. The Geisha Balls line (and all electroplay toys) can be as gentle as you’d like. The EMS device gives you total control over the intensity of the jolt you feel.

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Why Geisha Balls from Mystim?

Not only do the Geisha Balls combine sensuous pleasure and electric kinky fun, they’re easy to use and safe for your body. Unplain Jane, Jane Wonda, and Jane Untamed all have a tail that makes removal quick and easy. They’re each made of 100 percent body safe silicone and fully waterproof.


Even better, these powerful and sensual pelvic exercisers are nearly silent while in use. No one has to know what kind of workout you’re getting in, unless you want them to know.

For kinky players who love a jolt of electricity, you can turn up the dial to get a surge of pleasure. For those who want a lighter touch, turn down the dial to explore the sensations that turn you on the most.

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Mystim Cluster Buster electroplay sex toy

What is the Cluster Buster?

In order to use the Geisha Balls, you’ll need an e-stim device. The Cluster Buster by Mystim is the perfect tool for the job.

This is a digital EMS device that comes with a remote control and receiver. This makes any Mystim device controllable by remote. Even better, you can use multiple toys at the same time.


It includes 12 stimulation and five training programs to help you find the sensation you like best. And for those who love a hard jolt of electrical sensation, the Shock Button will be your new best friend.

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