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New Toy to Know: b-Vibe Anal Massage Set

Published: MAY 18, 2020 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
Welcome to the b-Vibe Anal Massage Education Set - a 10-piece internal and external anal kit with everything you need for hundreds of hours of sexual fun - all the way from the prep stage to the clean-up stage.

Go beyond your fingers. Sure, you can use just your fingers for anal exploration, but what if there was a better way? (And oh, there's a lot of better ways, we promise!)


Fingers are amazing when you start your anal journey or are unsure if the sensations will be for you, but it's pretty easy to outgrow just your fingers. After all, self-fingering in the butt can be an awkward angle to sustain - and your fingers can only provide so much width without sending your entire body into a painful cramp.

Plus, can your fingers provide 10 speeds of powerful vibration? And you certainly can't leave your fingers in your butt while you do your household chores! (Well, I mean, you can, but don't expect to be particularly good at your chores!)

Well, we have the solution for you! Welcome to the b-Vibe Anal Massage Education Set - a 10-piece internal and external anal kit with everything you need for hundreds of hours of sexual fun - all the way from the prep stage to the clean-up stage.

b-Vibe Anal Massage Set


This comprehensive kit gives you plenty of reasons to start your journey into anal exploration - or amp up the journey you're already in! With three full-sized sex toys, seven sex accessories, hundreds of ways to enjoy it all, and one big discount, the b-vibe Anal Massage Education Set is our latest New Toy to Know - and we think you'll see why!

What's Included?

Your Anal Massage Set includes absolutely everything you need to start some anal exploration - everything aside from the water-based lube, that is! (This lets you select your own preferred lube – especially if you have sensitivities! Sliquid H2O is usually a great starter lube if you don't have any preferences!)

So, what does this all-inclusive kit include?

First, the big boys:

anal massage guide with LeWand Petite Wand Massager, Curve Attachment and Snug Plug 2


  • LeWand Petite Wand Massager: A compact, lighter-weight version of LeWand's full-sized massager makes it easier for self-use - and long pleasure sessions! Despite being compact, LeWand still comes packed full of powerful vibrations. Equipped with 10 rumbly vibration speeds and six vibration patterns, this rechargeable and body-safe wand massager is an amazing wand massager on its own - or a great addition to the rest of the toys in the kit!

  • LeWand Petite Curve Attachment: Talking about "additions", that's exactly what the Curve Attachment is. Specifically crafted to fit on top of the Petite Wand Massager (like a hat!), the Curve Attachment instantly turns the Petite Wand's powerful vibrations into internal pleasure. With the Curve's literal "curve", this attachment was crafted for p-spot and g-spot pleasure - with the bonus addition of Earth-shattering vibrations. Heck yes!

  • b-Vibe Snug Plug 2: Whether used on its own or as a warm-up toy for the Curve Attachment, this kit comes with a b-Vibe Snug Plug (Size 2). This plug's size works amazingly as a warm-up for the Curve's width - and people have been raving about the Snug Plug's weighted design too!

Second, the accompanying players:

enema bulb, lube shooter, finger condoms, gloves, towel and storage bag


  • Enema Bulb: While no "cleansing" is required in order to enjoy anal sex, a lot of people mentally enjoy the feeling of being "cleaner" for anal play. This Enema bulb is the perfect buddy for a shallow anal cleansing. Fill it with water, slide it into the bum, and squirt the liquid into the bum. You'll spend a bit of time on the toilet afterwards. Repeat until the water that comes out is clean. (The vagina, in contrast, should not be douched or given an enema.)

  • Lube Shooter: Especially helpful for deep penetration, lube shooters can get lube deeper into the body - past where your fingers can easily lubricate. Just fill and squirt!

  • Finger Condoms (Finger Cots): Haven't seen these little guys? We have a surprise for you! Finger cots are amazing for offering protection for just a single finger (or maybe two!). Roll these on and lube up the finger cot before sliding it into the body! Not only does it provide safer sex protection, but it's easy to roll-off when you're done for a lube-free hand!


  • Pack of Black Gloves: So multifunctional during sex - especially for anal sex or lots of lube! Use gloves to easily apply lube to your toys while having a simple way to be lube-free as soon as the toy is inserted! Gloving up can also be an easy, mess-free way to slip out your toy to transport your toy to the sink for cleaning after you're done.

  • Clean-Up Towel: Clean yourself - or protect your bedding! - with this clean-up towel. If you have light-colored bedding, we highly recommend laying it underneath the butt before play. It makes for easy clean-up!

  • Anal Education Guide: A gorgeous, full-color, fully-illustrated guide about everything anal. Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, this booklet has some info for you.


  • Storage Bag: When you're done, all of your 10-piece kit can easily be stored in this zipper pouch. Keep track of your set! (And with its discreet design, it's perfect for keeping your anal play hidden too!)

(Protip: Have long nails and still want to enjoy anal play? Use the finger condoms and gloves to your advantage! Slip a cotton ball into the tip of the finger condom/glove then slide in your finger/hand. The cotton ball works to "fill out" the space around your nail leading to a less-pokey and more-pleasurable experience!)

b-Vibe anal massage set

Who Is This For?

The Anal Massage Set was designed for anyone who wants to explore anal massage. After all, it's pretty much a “jump start” kit into anal pleasure – especially prostate-focused anal pleasure!

Despite being made for anal sensation, anal isn't the only way this kit swings. Every piece in this kit pulls double, triple, and quadruple duty! The wand massager is, well, a wand massager! Who doesn't want a powerful vibrator? The Curve Attachment works great for g-spot pleasure too. The deliciously weighted design of the Snug Plug doubles as a vaginal plug as well.

While the Anal Massage Set is perfect as an anal-focused kit, it quickly becomes a couple's friendly kit – especially with the ability to sterilize your silicone kit. Heck yeah!

How Can the Anal Massage Set Fit Into My Sex Life?

  • Perfect for clean-up before every anal adventure, the included enema bulb and lube shooter allow for easy prep for all of your anal adventures - whether you're using the rest of the kit or not.
  • Use the Snug Plug as a fantastic warm-up toy before planned anal pleasures. Allow its size (and constant sensation!) to have you craving even more by the time your "main event" comes around!
  • Whether you like to pleasure a clitoris or a penis, the LeWand Petite Massager can be orgasmic! The powerful vibrations work to pull orgasms from your body. Take your time and explore your body before delving into the Petite Massager's power...
  • Or use the Petite Massager's power for when you "gotta have it now" for intense quickie pleasure.
  • Start off with the Petite Massager as a fun external toy to increase blood flow to the clitoris or penis and get your body fully aroused for what's to come. Then partner the Petite Massager with the included Curve Attachment. In your aroused state, slip the massager and attachment into the vagina or butt to hit the p-spot or g-spot while you continue to use your hands to pleasure other erogenous zones. Hello blended orgasms!
  • Experiment with hands-free prostate milking with the Anal Massage Set. After you're already aroused, slip the Curve Attachment onto the wand massager and slide it into the butt. Experiment with the angles of the Curve Attachment (and your body!) to find where the attachment presses against your prostate. Try some manual stimulation (without vibrations!) as a warm-up. Once your body has warmed up to the sensations, turn on the vibrations and explore the added enjoyment!
  • Slip the Snug Plug into your body. Once it's there, press the powerful Petite Massager against the base of the plug. Enjoy your new, vibrating plug!
  • The Snug Plug makes a fantastically mobile plug. Slide it into your body before you head out for groceries - or wear it around the house to make your afternoon chores even more pleasurable.
  • Prefer vaginal play? The Snug Plug makes a wonderful kegel exerciser - or just a vaginal plug!

b-Vibe & LeWand Anal Massage and Education Set

About the Anal Massage Kit

  • The LeWand Petite Massager is the winner of the prestigious Women's Health FEMTECH Awards.
  • The Wand's powerful vibrations are powered by USB Rechargeable Battery with easy-to-use controls.
  • The Petite Massager, Petite Curve Attachment, and Snug Plug are all shower-friendly and ready for simple clean-up.
  • With a small, rounded protrusion at the base, the Petite Curve Attachment provides bonus perineal or clitoral stimulation while the shaft is inserted.
  • The Snug Plug offers a tapered tip for easy insertion with a thin neck for all-day-wear comfort.
  • All three toys are made from body-safe silicone.
  • Petite Massager measurements: Length: 10", Head Diameter: 1.7", Weight: 215g
  • Petite Curve Attachment insertable length: 3.27"
  • b-Vibe Snug Plug 2 measurements: Insertable Size: 4.3", Diameter: 1.2", Weight: 114g, Circumference: 3.8"
  • Bring your own water-based lube. Silicone-based and oil-based won't cut it with these silicone toys.

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