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Masturbation Month: The Simplest Reason to Celebrate

Published: MAY 1, 2019 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
Masturbation is one of the few pleasurable things in life that comes totally free of negative side-effects or regret. Let's celebrate that!

It's May again and along with more sun and better weather, this month also brings a celebration we just love at Kinkly: Masturbation Month.


We love this celebration for a lot of reasons. It brings awareness to an important part of human sexual behavior and self care that has often been cast as dirty or bad or taboo. It celebrates the pleasure our bodies are capable of - and empowers us to tap into that ourselves. Plus, the story behind Masturbation Month and the very awesome people who started and kept it going is just what we love to promote and hope to see more of in the world.

Masturbation can be personal, it can be political, it can be healing, it can be educational.

But you know what? There's actually one really simple thing we want to celebrate about masturbation this year: it's fun.


Yeah, maybe you already knew this. But think about it: how many purely pleasurable things out there come to you totally free of negative repercussions and side effects? Partying is all about fun, but indulge too much and it might just put a dent in your health. Food is an amazing pleasure, but too much of that all at once often doesn't leave us feeling too hot either. But masturbation? You can indulge every day - more than once - and feel better for it. (In fact, masturbation has been shown to have a long list of physical and mental health benefits.)

Plus, giving ourselves over to things that are just for our pleasure and enjoyment is something most people don't allow enough of in their lives. And masturbation has got to be the most accessible pleasure of all. It doesn't cost money. It doesn't have to take much time (if you've got the right tools!). And you don't need anyone else to make it happen.

So this year, while we tip our hats to the history behind this month, the people and organizations who've made it a "thing" throughout the years, and all the amazing changes the acceptance of this normal part of human sexuality has brought to the world, we're also going to dumb things down. Masturbation is all about pleasure. Full stop. And we can all afford a little more of that.


Kinkly Staff

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