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Frisky Friday: Sportsheets Sportsheet

Published: MAY 17, 2024
Our product of the week is the Sportsheets Sportsheet. Transform your bed into a bondage playspace.

Are you enthralled with the idea of a sex room but less than enthused about how easily someone else may come across your sexual playspace? We get it; all of this talk about "sex rooms" has us craving an entire oasis where we can let our sexuality run wild, but we also have to deal with the realities of a two-bedroom apartment. The two just don't fit together.


Instead, you have to make your "sex room" where you can, using ingenuity to make it happen. A bondage board can be folded up underneath the bed when you're not using it, no one the wiser. An ugly, brown cardboard box can store all of your kink gear and sex toys when you're not using them.

And a bed? Well, that can transform into a bondage playspace in seconds with the help of the Sportsheets Sportsheet.

What is the Sportsheets Sportsheet?

Okay, the name is confusing. But this magical sheet launched the Sportsheets brand. The company crafted the "Sportsheet" (and became famous for it) before continuing to become the BDSM gear powerhouse that they are today. (Did you know they're woman-run too?)


sportsheet sportsheet

The Sportsheets Sportsheet is as easy to use as a random bedsheet on your mattress. Place this sheet on the bed (it behaves just like a regular sheet), and your bed transforms into a surface ready for bondage.

You see, the Sportsheets Sportsheet includes four different bondage pads. The backside of these square bondage pads are covered in a Velcro-like substance. The user-facing side of these bondage pads includes a reinforced strap that houses a D-ring and a clip.

Placing one of these bondage pads anywhere on the sheet helps it to firmly adhere to the surface of the sheet. The sheet's material just magically sticks to the bondage pad's Velcro-like material.


Once the pad is in place, you can attach your own gear or one of the four included bondage cuffs to the clip (or the O-ring) on the bondage pad. It offers bondage opportunities in seconds.

The only way to easily remove the bondage pad from the bed is by peeling it from one of the corners. When tugging is applied from the center of the pad (like where the bondage point is), it only reinforces the security of the connection. Peeling the pad from the corner is the only way to remove it.

Once you've peeled up the bondage pad, you can securely place it down in a new spot, and the pad will re-adhere itself. Since there isn't any adhesive involved, the bondage pads are infinitely replaceable, and they can be moved anywhere around the bed, allowing for constant adjustability to keep your play sessions going as long as you'd like.


Plus, the Sportsheets Sportsheet is discreet.

Best of all, the Sportsheet looks like a sheet. With the bondage pads removed, anyone will look at your bed and see, well, a bed. It's probably the most discreet sex furniture out there!

The sheet is made of warmer, thicker materials that are less breathable, so we'd consider it a "cold weather" bedding choice. However, it can be left on the bed 24/7 if you want to be ready for play at a moment's notice. Just pull out the bondage pad and a cuff, and you'll be ready to go in 10 seconds!

What size bed does the Sportsheets Sportsheet fit?

It's vital that the Sportsheet gets a secure fit on your mattress. The bondage pads adhere really nicely to the sheet, but if the restrained person can pull the sheet off the bed, you've created a different problem.


Luckily for us, Sportsheets thought of that problem during their testing phase, and each one of the Sportsheet sheets comes with tightening straps for the sheet that hides underneath the mattress. They're optional, but if you're playing rough or have a slightly odd-sized mattress, the tightening straps at the corners allow you to better secure the sheet onto your mattress.

The Sportsheet Sportsheet is available in queen and king sizes to ensure the best fit possible.

Does it work with other bondage gear?

The Sportsheets Sportsheet comes with four Sport Cuffs. They work great for restraining the wrists and ankles (or combine two to make thigh cuffs or a collar).


Have other bondage gear you want to play with? Each one of the bondage pads includes a clip and an O-ring. If this is your first adventure into kink, you'll be able to use the Sportsheet long down the road when you've gathered a few other items you like to play with, too!

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