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Frisky Friday: Sportsheets Sex Sling

Published: JULY 5, 2024
If certain sex positions are literally a pain in the butt (or low back or legs), the Sportsheets Sex Sling is the relief you need.

Let's stop and be real for a second: sometimes holding a sex position for a long time just sucks. As much as you may love the sensations between your legs, the rest of your body is quaking, struggling to keep your body in place. And that's just plain distracting. Not only does it mean constantly trying to reposition, but it also means being very aware of your limbs instead of the connection with your partner or your favorite sex toy!


One of the best ways to solve this problem is with the help of sex props. Before you start thinking about replacing your couch with an entire sex room, let's clarify that you don't have to go quite that far (unless you want to).

Something as simple as a strap attached to cuffs can drastically reduce the strain caused by holding some sex positions. By anchoring the legs behind the body with the help of the strap, it reduces how hard your muscles have to work, and makes it easier to focus on pleasure.

And that strap attached to cuffs? You don't have to DIY it. That's what the Sportsheets Sex Sling is for.


Meet the Sportsheets Sex Sling

The Sportsheets Sex Sling is designed to hold the ankles in the air, which reduces leg fatigue and lower back pressure. Big bonus: it simultaneously enhances G-spot and P-spot stimulation during penetration!

The simplistic design of the Sportsheets Sex Sling makes it easy for most people to set up and use. Just tuck the neck strap behind the laying partner's upper back, and let the straps extend upwards. The laying partner then pulls their legs back towards their head, and the cuffs of the Sex Sling are then fastened onto the legs. That's it!

Its low-maintenance design means you can get straight to the sex you want. The Velcro cuffs are easy and quick to adjust whenever you want. Shorten the straps to intensify the bottom partner's angle or loosen them to make the angle wider. It's all about what's comfortable!


It's also small enough to pack in any carry-on bag, so it can be your hotel sex BFF. It's a whole lot of fun in a simple package!

Your introduction to "sex room" building!

If you're like us, you've probably been obsessed with that popular reality show. You know, the one about couples reconnecting as they craft their own sexual paradise.

Unfortunately, not all of us have access to their budget or square footage! And we definitely don't have a TV crew and million-dollar cameras hanging around to help out.


But that doesn't mean you can't get the same rush of building your own version of a sex room. Building a sex room isn't really about the room or what's in it. It's about what's going to happen in that room after its built! It's about having a space that makes sex and connection a priority and leaves you feeling sexy. And that doesn't require an entire room or a camera crew.

If that TV show has left you inspired, the Sportsheets Sex Sling can be a great way to dip your toes into creating your sexy space in your own house. Unlike some other sex props, you don't have to deal with difficult storage with the Sportsheets Sex Sling. You can stash it out of sight within seconds. It's easy to hide under the bed or in a drawer. It even fits into a shoebox, which makes it perfect for couples who don't have gigantic rooms free for a sexual oasis.

Sex Positions for the Sportsheets Sex Sling

The Sportsheets Sex Sling is a fantastic fit for any sex positions that require one partner to stick their legs in the air. Turns out, that's a lot of sex positions!


Revolutionize some of your favorites like:

Viennese Oyster Sex Position. The receiving partner lays on the bed with their legs pulled fully back to their ears. The penetrating partner kneels between their legs to slide inside.

The Viennese Oyster

Mermaid Sex Position

The Mermaid position


Eagle Position. The receiving partner is laying on their back with their knees pulled back to their shoulders. The penetrating partner is laying on top, looking into the receiving partner's eyes, using their bodyweight to keep the receiving partner's legs in place. | Kinkly

The Eagle position

Happy Baby Position. The receiving partner is lying down on their back with their knees pulled up towards their face. The wrists grip the ankles to help keep the ankles in the air. The penetrating partner climbs on top to penetrate.

The Happy Baby position

diagram of the slow climb sex position - a face-to-face sex position in which the receiver lays down and elevates their legs over their kneeling partners shoulders

The Slow Climb position

Tuck Knee Sex Position. The receiver lays on their back with their thighs and legs pulled back to their chest. This causes their hips to rise off the ground. The penetrating partner then leans in and partially lays on top to penetrate.

The Tuck Knee position

If even looking at these positions making your quads, glutes, and low back ache, then the Sportsheet Sex Sling is for you!

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