Golden Showers and Pee Fetishes: Everything You Need to Know

Published: MARCH 2, 2018 | Updated: JANUARY 5, 2024
While pee itself is an interesting kink on its own, what's most fascinating is how many different forms it takes.

No, pee fetishim (also referred to as urolagnia) isn't a typo. In the world of kinks and fetishes, lots of things can be twisted into an erotic sensation. Pee is one of them. Like other fringe kinks of bodily functions (such as sleeping, eating, and even something as simple as specific body parts), pee has found its way into the erotic profile of many sexually active adults.

While pee itself is an interesting kink on its own, what's most fascinating are the different aspects of pee fetishism. Just as with any other sex act, one person's turn-on can be another person's total turn-off. That's what makes sexuality so rich and fascinating! Interested in learning more? Here we take a look at the key types of pee fetishism.


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The Most Common Types of Pee Fetishism

So what are those different aspects of pee fetishism? Well, I'm glad you asked:


When most people think about pee fetishism, the watersports or piss play type is the first thing that comes to mind. Watersports is generally considered to be any activity that has someone urinating on another person. This often includes golden showers.

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"Omorashi" is a Japanese term that roughly translates into "to wet oneself." People who are into omorashi and wetting will enjoy watching someone pee into their own clothing. Fetishists who are into this kink may have specific scenarios they enjoy, such as while waiting in line for a bathroom or just doing it for fun in front of the toilet. Regardless of their personal wetting preferences, everyone who is into this kink enjoys watching someone wet themselves or have an accident in clothing.

Specific-Clothing Omorashi/Wetting

While some people love omorashi and wetting in general, others have very specific preferences. For many kinksters, this may relate to their first experiences in the kink - and their attempt to recreate that initial enjoyment. People into this kink are only turned on by wetting in a specific item of clothing. Other clothing items may produce no arousal, or may actually be a turn-off. Particularly popular examples include "panty wetting," "skirt wetting," or "jeans wetting." Within those categories, there may be even more delineation such as "thongs," "hipsters," "bikinis," etc.


Unlike other types of pee fetishism, desperation may be focused more on the act of holding in the urine than the release of urine. People into this kink may enjoy feeling (or watching another person feel) the intensity and pressure of a full bladder. Their enjoyment may come from the predicament the holder is in, or it may come from the mannerisms and inability to act composed. The desperation may be taken to the point of bladder leaking or bladder sphincter failure; and, at that point, the person will involuntarily urinate. Many desperation activities may end in omorashi/wetting.



Self-ingestion of urine is regularly used as part of some health and religious regimes, but the act takes on a different meaning for people who are into this kink, whether they consumer their own urine or that of a partner. Some drinking fetishists hate the taste, but love the degradation of the activity. Others enjoy the taste, but might have a preference for more or less potent urine. Be aware that this activity carries some health risks, especially since many medications are excreted through urine. Be sure that you're fully aware of a person's allergens, diet, and medications before even thinking about considering this activity with someone.


A person who is into this form of pee fetishism just enjoys watching another person urinate. This may be done in a public bathroom or just watching a partner go in the privacy of one's home. Unfortunately, due to the basic premise of this type of pee fetishism, some of the erotic videos and images out there are on the ethically "sketchy" side; peeping on someone - regardless of whether it's your kink or not - requires their consent.

Public-Based Voyeurism

This is similar to regular voyeurism. However, this person will enjoy watching someone pee outdoors or in public. They may or may not be interested in watching regular toilet peeing, but they'll likely be excited by the idea of seeing someone pee in a risky public sphere. Again, consent is a must!


Bathroom Control

While the other urination kinks focus on the pee specifically, someone into bathroom control may find the urine to be a by-product of their focus, which is on the control. Someone into bathroom control will be turned on by the idea of telling another person when or where they'll be able to urinate. With such a focus on control of such a basic bodily function, many kinksters find this a facet of pee fetishism that they might be able to enjoy.

Flooding the Cave

While less common than the other options on this list, "flooding the cave" is the playful term for urination into the vagina during heterosexual intercourse. Since an erection is required to get inside of the vagina, many penis-owners can't urinate while hard. As a result, this activity definitely requires patience (and practice). This activity can also be done anally, but be aware that it will likely create a "pee enema," which might not be exactly what you were hoping for.


While existing as a fringe outlier of pee fetishism, diaper wearing is regularly included in the kink. We're not talking about age players here; we're talking about people who enjoy wearing diapers for the sole sensation of the diaper. Instead of a focus on role play and age play, the focus, for this type of kinkster, is the diaper itself. Known as "Diaper Lovers" (which is the "DL" is "ABDL"), this person will likely love the soft, squishy sensation of a soft fabric pressing up against their erogenous zones. Of course, that soft fabric begins to offer some lovely resistance as the person actually uses their diaper - which is one of the main reasons that DLs choose to use their padding.


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I Want To Try This! Is There Anything I Should Know?

Now that you've read through some of the forms pee fetishism can take, perhaps you're curious. If this is a kink you think you may want to try, however, there are a few things you should know.

The Bladder Is Flexible - Up to a Point

If you're doing any sort of holding yourself, the bladder is particularly flexible and designed to expand to hold in more and more liquid - at least until you've hit its capacity (which can actually expand over time with regular holding). For most people, the bladder sphincter muscles will fail (causing you to urinate) long before you ever injure yourself. However, in a very, very rare segment of the population, the bladder sphincter muscles may not give out, which can be very damaging - and even potentially fatal. To counteract this, take your holding slowly. Learn your body's tolerances slowly and over time and, with each hold, take your body a bit further.

Along with that, while any holding to capacity will likely feel uncomfortable and intense, it should never feel downright painful. Any pain, especially sharp pains that feel located anywhere near the lower back, means you should empty your bladder ASAP. Sharp pains in that area likely mean that urine has started to back up toward your kidneys. Although that's not dangerous if you take action right away and then rest for awhile, it can become dangerous if you don't urinate when you start to feel it. Plus, pain isn't fun for most people, so don't push it that far.

While I'm not a usual advocate of alcohol to help with sexual activity, in this case, it can help. If you already know your alcoholic tolerances and are a comfortable drinker, alcohol can help the body relax - and the bladder sphincter to relax. This can cause unintentional urination long before hitting that point of pain for many people.


Urine Can Be Messy

Outside of holding, you should be aware that urine is most potent right after waking or if you're dehydrated. Staying hydrated with lots of plain water will help your urine taste more benign - and be less yellow. The yellow pigment of urine can stain white clothing, so keep that in mind if you're planning on doing any wetting. It can also stain white furniture or soft floors, so keep that in mind too.

Pee Play Carries Risk

When playing with a partner, however, you must pay more attention to internal details. Allergens can be transmitted relatively easily through urine. If your partner has eaten peanuts that day and urinates on you, this could cause a reaction. Communicate all allergens before considering any pee play with a partner.

On that note, medication can also be transmitted through urine. This includes the non-prescription, non-legal drug variety as well. You and your partner need to have a talk about what medications you're on - especially if any drinking play is planned.

While experts are often quiet on the subject, general consensus is that urination onto a safe body part (without cuts or sores) is unlikely to raise any concerns of STIs. Drinking, however, is much more likely, and again, should require a conversation between you and your partner before considering that type of play.

Preparation Is Key

Cleaning up urine can be relatively simple. Amazing products, such as the waterproof Liberator wedge/ramp combo, can just be tossed into the washing machine after you're done (and it will easily hold two or three bladder's worth without any problem). Disposable tarps are cheap and can protect your furniture, but they don't absorb liquid. So you'll need to use some old towels to absorb liquid before tossing them. Tile or other hard surfaces work fine for catching urine, but you'll need to absorb the liquid with a towel and then give the surface a good cleaning right after play. Urine doesn't leave a lasting scent or problem - unless you don't clean it up right away.

But I Have a Shy Bladder!

A "shy bladder" is the playful term usually given to those who have problems urinating in various situations, whether that is a different position, an unusually-packed bathroom, or of course, most of the activities in this article. People with shy bladders usually get nervous about their urination or have other mental hang-ups that can cause them to need a bit of extra time to get the "flow" started.

However, as many people with previously shy bladders have learned, the body can definitely be trained to become more comfortable with odd urination experiences. It only takes time - and a lot of patience. If you're planning on enjoying your pee fetishism with a partner, this might be time to talk to them about your shy bladder - and ask for some space. Learning to get over the nervousness of being unable to urinate doesn't help when someone is leaning over you expectantly. This is best practiced solo.

Once you have some time to yourself, it's recommended to wait until the urge to pee is pretty strong. Sometimes, the urgency itself is enough to let your body "go" when it normally wouldn't. Now, once you really need to go, we're going to practice going in odd places. "Where" that odd place is is entirely up to you and what you want to explore. If you're hoping to wet diapers, you might try wearing a diaper. If you're hoping to pee on your partner, you might try going in cups. If you're excited to wet your own clothing, it might be worth trying to wear some old underwear.

To start with, some of these activities should be done on the toilet. For example, you can wear a diaper while sitting on the toilet, and you can wear some clothing and pee through them on the toilet. While this may not be the fantasy you're envisioning, sitting or being near the toilet honestly does an amazing job of relaxing the brain. You're allowing the body to have the familiarity of the toilet while also giving it a new challenge in the clothing or a diaper. Give it a try!

Once you've moved on from that, it's time to start branching into more adventurous ideas. Instead of the toilet, take those same ideas and try them in the bathtub or shower - without the water running. It might take a bit of practice and deep breathing, but your body will eventually begin to relax enough to pee while in the shower.

Next, we're going to take it another step forward. We're going to go outside of the bathroom, preferably to somewhere that's tiled or easy to clean up. Wherever that place is for you, make sure that you've protected the furniture or the floor. Something as simple as a fear of destroying or harming your possessions can be enough to keep people from being able to "go." Now that you're in your new spot, go ahead and give it another try. While you might need to revert back to the shower at the beginning, over time, your body will slowly start to allow you to use other spots as it gets used to the sensation.

From here, you have a couple of options. You could choose to try peeing in these spots with an emptier bladder. It can definitely be harder to pee when the urge isn't as strong, but that's what we're trying to train you to do! Otherwise, you can try peeing in different positions, especially ones you'll be likely to use within the scope of this kink. If you're hoping to pee on your partner, you might consider trying a squatting position or legs spread-wide. If you're hoping to wet the bed, laying down might be your next option. For those who enjoy the thought of a carefree wetting while walking around the house, go ahead and try to walk in place while peeing.

Once you've gotten a basic hold on all of that, it's time to invite your partner back in if you have one. Make sure you stress the importance of patience, and pick a position (with a full bladder) that you're comfortable with. Make sure that furniture and floor is protected too! The first couple times, you might find it helpful to keep everything casual. You both can have a chat about your day or talk about non-sexual things. As I mentioned before, trying to keep things sexy and loaded with anticipation can seem hot, but worrying about performance can actually create performance anxiety. So for the first few times, keep things chill and worry about adding in the sexuality later. Even with all of that, though, be aware that it might take a few tries before you're able to go in front of your partner. The body is a weird thing sometimes, but with continual practice, it will learn to cooperate and urinate in new (and probably more fun!) places.

Still Want More Inspiration?

Remember that the Internet is full of amazing things - porn included. Pee fetishes are featured in a lot of porn, especially the kinky variety. Hentai is particularly well-known for lots of omorashi portrayals. If you're curious about anything I've discussed and want to see if the idea is a pleasant one to you, I'd recommend trying to find some videos or stories to watch. See if the idea still appeals to you. If so, give it a try yourself. Remember: there's no harm in trying – just a bit of laundry you probably had to clean anyway!

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