Chastity Kink: A Guide to Male Chastity Cages

Published: NOVEMBER 2, 2023
Why would anyone with a penis want to limit their erections and ability to orgasm? Because control can be hot and creating sexual tension can have explosive results.

Looking for the ultimate guide to a chastity kink? You're in the right place!


What is a chastity kink?

Does the idea of powerful orgasms interest you? What about your sex drive being the center of attention? What about regular erotic teasing that amps up your sex drive and keeps you wanting even more?

Congrats! You have a general idea of why people like the idea of a chastity kink!

Merriam-Webster defines chastity as "abstention from all sexual intercourse", and that's, essentially, what it is. (Though, for most chastity kinksters, the focus is on the orgasm itself - not "sexual intercourse")


By indulging in lots of teasing while never going "all the way" to orgasm, you amp up the sex drive, keep those juicy, intimate feelings flowing 24/7, are more likely to be ready for sexual play at a moment's notice, and have stronger, more intense orgasms when you finally do cum!

All the fun isn't just relegated to the chaste person, though. The lovers of chaste people can have a great time too. Not only does it keep the chaste partner amped up and more likely to be up for sex whenever the lover wants to do it, but many lovers also report that the chaste person offers up more time and energy to the relationship itself.

For some couples (myself included!), chastity play also can keep a low-level current of sexual energy going throughout your busy, day-to-day lives! Even if you don't have time to indulge in an entire quickie, there can be some verbal teasing and kissing that offers a great "excuse" for short bursts of intimacy between tasks.


Plus, lots of foreplay and teasing can lead to begging and moaning - a "bonus" that partners of chastity lovers can be really into!

Giving the Chastity Kink a Try: A Look at Types of Male Chastity

Curious about exploring a chastity kink?

Well, just try it!


While chastity cages are the focus of this article, you do not need a chastity cage to explore a chastity kink. Chastity cages, also known as cock cages, penis cages, dick cages or male chastity devices, are an additional accessory you can add to the fun of chastity, but even at their heart, chastity cages are only as effective as the person wearing them. There will always be ways to cheat - especially if you're playing safely!

With that in mind, if the idea of chastity appeals to you, simply stop having orgasms. That's it! Continue to tease yourself and your sex drive, but don't give in to that final explosion.

The exact rules you set for yourself will vary based on what sounds fun to you. This could include:


  • All the hands-on masturbation you'd want - but no orgasms.
  • No hands-on masturbation at all - but you'll allow any orgasms that happen through penetration alone.
  • All the touching you'd like Monday through Saturday, but no orgasms until you log on to a specific website on Sunday evening.
  • No touching of yourself - with or without toys.
  • No orgasms achieved by masturbation - but orgasms via your kink alone are allowed.
  • No touching at all without permission from your partner.
  • All the touching you could possibly want, but orgasms only happen with permission from your partner.
  • You're only allowed touching for an hour leading up to when your partner would like to have sex. This might look like heading into the bedroom an hour early to "prep yourself" before your lover comes to bed.
  • When you and your lover are together, you're not allowed any orgasms, but you're allowed free reign when you're traveling.
  • Any other option you can think up!

Like everything else about sex, your chastity kink will look unique to you, your desires and your relationships.

Your chastity period might last two hours, or it might last two years. You might play with a male chastity device, and you might play without. You might involve a partner, hired keyholder, or long-distance lover, or you might not. You might find a platonic chastity kink buddy to support one another, or you might not.

Your chastity kink play is as unique as you are! Feel free to get creative with it!


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Chastity Cages 101

Some kinksters choose to add a chastity cage to their play. This adds a physical "reminder" of their situation in addition to making it physically more difficult to touch yourself.

What is a chastity cage? What are they designed to do?

Three chastity cock cages from Lock the Cock

Left to Right: Lock the Cock's Holy Trainer V5, Sevanda Golden Cage and Cage of Shame.

Think of a chastity cage like a "jail" for the penis. It's a small contraption that encircles the penis shaft and makes it difficult for the wearer to touch the penis and get an erection. These two things, working together, can make it much harder for a penis-owner to orgasm.

For penis-owners who have spent their entire lives stroking up and down the shaft in order to facilitate orgasm, the inability to stroke up and down can make it very difficult to orgasm.

However, it doesn't make it impossible. Where there's a will, there's a way, and when it comes to achieving orgasm, it turns out people have a lot of will. Wand massagers placed on the chastity cage can be orgasmic for most, and some cage-wearers find that they can have prostate orgasms via penetration while locked up. For long periods of denial, even the ability to stroke the penis through the cock cage with a single finger can be enough to make orgasm happen. (If you think that'd be you, you'd probably want to avoid cages with lots of holes and opt for a full-coverage cage like the Holy Trainer V5!)

Where there's a will, there's a way, and when it comes to achieving orgasm, it turns out people have a lot of will.

Like I said, there will always be ways to "cheat" into an orgasm with a chastity device. Some couples use this to their advantage, and the locked partner may be "allowed" orgasms - but only if they're achieved while the penis cage is strapped on. It's just all about how you want to play!

How do chastity cages work?

The term "chastity cage" generally refers to a type of chastity device we call a "ball-trap cage." These cages have two main parts. There's a long tube that covers up the penis shaft. That tube is connected to a circular ring that anchors underneath the scrotum, pressed up against the person's body. This "anchors" the tube in place by trapping the balls in-between the tube and the circular ring. As long as the scrotum isn't able to fully slide through the circular ring, the chastity cage will stay on the penis.

(Pictured: Holy Trainer V5 in Nub size from Lock the Cock)

Most ball-trap devices are then locked with a lock and key. This locks the circular piece to the penis tube piece, and ensures they can't be pulled apart unless the lock is cut off or the key is used.

And that's it! That's how people get "locked" into chastity!

There are other styles of chastity devices in addition to ball-trap cages. Chastity belts encircle the entire hips to help holster a chastity cage in place.

For most kinksters, a ball-trap device is where they'll start their kink journey - and almost all of them stay there. They offer less interruption to the rest of the body, are available in a multitude of sizes, colors, and designs (including custom ones!), and are the most affordable.

What does using a chastity cage as part of your chastity kink feel like?

Who better to tell you about chastity cages than my partners, who both enjoy orgasm denial and chastity cages?

One partner (who prefers wearing a metal cage like the Cage of Shame from Lock the Cock) said:

"When you first get into a chastity cage, it's mostly just ... present. You can feel the weight of it and the pressure of it around your bits. Even if you're wearing underwear, it's just impossible to forget.

For everyday wear, after a week or so, it doesn't feel as "present" anymore. I'd say it's like wearing heavy boots. The first couple of days you wear them to work, you're really aware that they're heavier than your last shoes, but once you get used to them, they simply ... are.

It isn't an overwhelming, constantly-on-your-mind sensation once you're used to it until you have to interact with it or think about it. Once you do, the heaviness and the compression of the device feels really nice. It's sorta like that comforting feeling of a weighted blanket, only it happens to have orgasms and my partner's pleasure attached to it too.

When you really start to "feel" the cage is when you try to get hard - especially when sleeping. When you get nighttime erections, it's just plain pain. It wakes you up, suddenly, out of your sleep to massive amounts of discomfort. It's probably the worst part about wearing a chastity cage for multiple days.

During the daytime, those same erections don't feel so bad. It's hot to feel the hardness pressing up against the constraint of the cage as long as it's a good cage. When I have a bad cage on, I can feel it really pulling away from my body as my dick gets hard, which can tug really painfully on the rings underneath my sack. When it's the right cage for me, though, it's heavy constriction that feels pleasant without the puke-y sensation of heavy tugging on my balls. It's like getting hard into my tightly-squeezing hand - only that hand happens to be made of metal bars.

Wearing a cage also changes a bit about how the whole package moves. Like when going to pee, I'd normally just move the shaft, and it'd be able to move on its own. When you have a cage on, everything is connected to each other, so just attempting to move the shaft will always lead to an all-encompassing feeling that transfers to movement in the balls too. Everything in the downstairs just kinda moves together in a way that doesn't happen without a cage."

The other said:

"It's kinda like a corset for your penis. If you have the wrong size, it can be painful, but if you have the right one, it's like a constant tight hug around the entire thing. It's like a kinky secret you and I share that no one else knows anything about. I love the feeling of being under control, but I could skip putting the cage on and off. It's a big pain in the ass because my dick has a mind of its own and always wants to get hard while doing it. "

What does a chastity cage feel like? It's like getting hard into my tightly-squeezing hand - only that hand happens to be made of metal bars.

Does a chastity cage hurt?

It can, but it doesn't have to.

As you could have guessed by some of what you've read so far, the fit of your chastity cage determines how comfortable you're going to be.

If your cage is a poor fit, it's probably going to be painful. It might pinch skin, or it might pull away from the body and strangle the testicles. It might droop away from the body, making it easier to "ball tap" yourself by simply sitting down. It might cause rashes or rub the skin off.

A cage designed for your body will typically be pain-free. With the right size against your skin, a bit of lube can usually alleviate any rashes or rubbing.

Expect a feeling of heaviness and pressure, but a chastity cage shouldn't hurt. If it does, zero in on what's causing the pain and work to rectify it. In many cases, getting a smaller penis tube for your cage is the answer.

The fit of your chastity cage determines how comfortable you're going to be.

Can you get hard in a chastity cage?

Yes and no!

Your penis can begin the physiological process of getting erect, but with a properly fitting cage, it simply won't have the room to expand. That's one of the big points about rigid chastity cages: they're crafted to prevent full erection.

When the process of getting erect happens, the flesh of the penis will squish out into any open areas it can find (like between the metal bars of your cage). Imagine what a penis would look like while trying to expand out around the metal bars of Lock the Cock's Cage of Shame, pictured below.

Lock the Cock's Cage of Shame chastity cage

Since the penis won't have enough space to get fully erect, though, it will simply reach the "peak" hardness it can get in the cage, spend awhile throbbing, and then the erection will subside.

You'll likely feel this process - especially as the penis fills all of the space available within the cage. The throbbing will be the familiar, turned-on throbbing you're used to, but there will be more pressure and constriction around the shaft than you're used to.

With a poor-fitting chastity cage, you may be able to get mostly erect. In doing so, it will likely push the cage away from your body, providing a vice-grip on the testicles with the base ring. This can be extremely, extremely unpleasant, which is why getting your sizing right is so important.

Can you pee in a chastity cage?

Yep, you can. Most cages are designed to let urine drip through a hole in the tip of the chastity cage. If a cage is properly fitted and aligned, the cage's tip is more likely to be aligned with the urine drain hole in the tip of the chastity cage. In other cases, the penis may be slightly off to the side of the drain hole, and the urine will end up draining out the tip of the cage like a funnel.

Almost everyone who wears a chastity cage needs to sit down to pee. The inability to position the penis exactly where you want it can make the resulting urine stream extremely unpredictable.

While not recommended for beginners, some chastity cages, like the Sevanda Golden Cage, pictured below, are equipped with an optional urethral tube to streamline the urination process.

Lock the Cock Sevanda Golden chastity cage with urethral tube

How to Choose and Buy a Male Chastity Cage for Your Chastity Kink

Let's get this out of the way: you're probably going to buy more than one male chastity cage.

Getting a perfectly-fitting cock cage on the first try is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if you do all of your due diligence and take measurements six times, you'll likely find that your body has a preference for something slightly smaller or larger than what you originally choose.

That's a good thing! It's like cooking a new dinner dish and finding that you'd like to try putting more spices in it next time. You've learned something to make your future experiences better.

This is why most kinky experts don't recommend breaking the bank on your first chastity device. While going for the lowest-priced chastity cages usually aren't recommended, a mid-tier chastity device will give you a pleasant chastity kink experience while simultaneously ensuring you don't feel too much guilt when you want to try something new.

When choosing your penis cage, I'd recommend:

  • Thinking about your lifestyle and choosing what type of cage you'd like
  • Taking your flaccid measurements on five different days to determine chastity cage sizing
  • Reaching out to the manufacturer/retailer if you have any questions
  • Purchasing your cage

Using the sizing guide that Lock the Cock provides can be a tremendous help in ensuring you're taking the correct measurements.

Chastity Cage Materials

If you can make a "cage" out of the material, someone has probably made a chastity cage out of it. However, unless you're going into rare, expensive materials, the most likely materials you'll see will be metal, TPE/TPR, silicone and plastic. Each material has its own benefits and issues.

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Metal Chastity Cages

Put a Ring on IT locking metal cock chastity cage from Lock the Cock

Pictured: Put a Ring on It from Lock the Cock

Next, we have the rigid material of a metal male chastity cage. These are probably the most common types of chastity cages that you'll see. Factory production has drastically reduced their costs, allowing them to be much more affordable than the previous generation of metal cages had been.

Metal chastity cages are also entirely rigid, allowing you to use a lock and key to fasten them shut. Like their plastic counterparts, they are unlikely to stay on the penis unless you "lock" them in some fashion; most metal cages use the lock as a fastening mechanism.

Metal cages are known for being the heaviest of the chastity cage options. If part of your chastity kink is pressure and pulling on the entire package, a metal chastity cage has you covered.

This also makes it extremely important to get the correct fit in a metal chastity cage. Since gravity will continually pull down on it, the only thing keeping the cage on your junk will be a snug, secure fit. This is what can make metal cages so frustrating for people who are new to cages; the weight means you need to have a secure fit to reduce slippage.

Their weight also means that metal cages may swing with more momentum. People who do high-intensity workouts while "in chastity" may find that they need to remove the device to safely work out. Otherwise, the penis cage may end up bruising their testicles, thighs and penis. (Snug, ultra-supportive underwear can help reduce the momentum and pull of the cage.)

Most metal chastity cages will also set off any metal detectors, making them a poor choice for people who work in secure buildings, fly often, or may work in certain healthcare fields.

Despite these things, the look and feel of a metal chastity cage can't be beat for many chastity kink players. It has a "straight from the dungeon" look that other materials can't replicate. The penis "jail" appearance, the weight of the cage, and the shiny, eye-catching metal make the wearer's position much harder to forget.

Most metal chastity cages will also set off any metal detectors, making them a poor choice for people who work in secure buildings, fly often, or may work in certain healthcare fields.

Silicone Chastity Cages

Silicone Sissy Restraint cock chastity cage by Lock the Cock in pink

Pictured: Silicone Sissy Restraint from Lock the Cock

One of the newest players in the chastity cage sphere, we have silicone chastity cages. Think of them as a meld between plastic chastity cages and TPE/TPR options. They're firmer in material than TPE/TPR, but they're not entirely rigid.

Most silicone chastity cages, though, are made from a thick layer of silicone, making them relatively sensation-proof.

Silicone, unlike the slick material options of metal and plastic, has some "grippiness" to it by the nature of the material. This can help the chastity cage stay in place a bit better. It also offers some friction between underwear and clothing; a snug pair of underwear can help a silicone cage stay tight against the body better than it will be able to do with a metal cage because of this friction.

That being said, silicone chastity cages are harder to initially put on than their metal and plastic counterparts. That tacky friction affects the penis skin, and you'll want to ensure you use extra lube to slide a silicone chastity cage onto the penis.

To keep the price point low on this type of cock cage, many of the current cages on the market are a blend of silicone material and other materials. As many chastity device manufacturers don't disclose their blends, shop with caution if you have skin sensitivity to various materials.

Plastic Chastity Cages

Watchful Eye clear hard plastic chastity cage from Lock the Cock

Pictured: The Watchful Eye from Lock the Cock

Next up, you have plastic chastity cages. These cages will be more expensive than their TPE/TPR brethren but less expensive than a metal or silicone option.

However, they offer the rigid, "no sensation" functionality that a lot of chastity kink players are looking for. The hard plastic completely reduces any sensation to the penis, crafting a firm shell around the shaft when worn.

Since plastic cages tend to be the least expensive of the rigid options, beginners often opt for them early in their journey. Just be careful of the budget options; if you don't buy your chastity cage from a reputable place like Lock the Cock, your plastic cage may have unfinished, unsanded edges that are sharp. Make sure to run your fingers along all surfaces of a chastity cage before attempting to wear it down there, or you'll find out what slicing your penis can feel like.

Since plastic is a rigid material, locks and keys can be used with a plastic cage. In many cases, a plastic cage will not fasten unless some type of lock holds the pieces together.

Some people, years into their journey, still prefer plastic chastity cages; they aren't just for beginners. They are lighter in weight than their metal counterparts, and they don't trigger metal detectors. They aren't as likely to "jingle" with a metal lock fastening them, and they provide a nice visual some people enjoy as well.

TPE/TPR Chastity Cages

Master Series Detained Soft Chastity Cage wrapped around a packer dildo to show how it fits on a penis. | Kinkly Shop

(Example of TPR chastity cage)

This is the material you're least likely to see, but TPE/TPR cock cages do exist. They are soft and squishy, and their unique material can feel a bit like a penis stroker.

Proponents of TPE/TPR cages enjoy their super-low price point and their lightweight material. Since most TPE/TPR chastity cages are "stretch to fit," there's also minimal sizing issues, making it a great option for people on limited budgets who can only purchase one cage.

However, since these cages are "stretch to fit," they don't provide as much restriction as rigid material cages. The penis can still be pleasured by squeezing the entire chastity cage. There's also no physical lock and key.

How to Measure and Size for a Chastity Cage

Every chastity cage you look to purchase will have a different sizing profile. After all, every male chastity cage has a unique design. That can be part of what makes cages fun; you can get different looks and feels for every new cage you try!

Once you've selected a cage that has caught your eye, read the manufacturer's recommendations for measuring your penis for your chastity cage.

In general, you can be expected to take a measurement underneath the testicles (like if you made a circle with your pointer and thumb and placed it underneath the balls, against your torso, pushing your balls away from your body) and a measurement of flaccid shaft length. Some cages may also require a flaccid penis diameter or circumference.

These measurements should be taken while comfortably soft. You don't want to be cold, but you don't want to be thinking sexy thoughts either. Your "ideal" state is how the penis would be if you were sitting on a perfectly comfortable bus while bored.

(Unfortunately for you, a lot of people may start to feel aroused when they start thinking about measuring for a cage!)

I highly recommend taking the measurements at different points on multiple days. Temperature, arousal level, and even your morning workout can affect the length of the shaft. If you might be wearing a chastity cage during all of these fluctuations, having a good idea of what the measurement is on any given day can be a great starting point.

(If you only plan to wear your dick cage during a certain activity, try to take your multiple measurements during that certain activity on multiple days.)

Using the sizing guide that Lock the Cock provides can be a tremendous help in ensuring you're taking the correct measurements.

If there are any discrepancies or concerns about the measurements you've taken and the chastity cage size you're looking at, contact the manufacturer. The most common question chastity retailers get is about sizing. Retailers, like Lock the Cock, have the expertise and knowledge to help you determine if you should size up, size down, or get an entirely different cage altogether. They want you to enjoy your cage and come back for more, so use them to your advantage!

(Some high-end chastity manufacturers may also offer sizing kits. Especially if you're looking at a custom cage or a high-end investment, it can be worth purchasing one of these sizing kits to determine what fit is best for your body. For the casual or beginner player, though, this may be outside of the level of seriousness you're looking to explore.)

Tips for Exploring a Chastity Kink with a Chastity Device

If you're choosing to explore a chastity kink with a chastity device, there are a few things you can do to make the experience better:

  • Use a bit of lube to put it on. Most cock cage wearers swear by a bit of silicone lube to get the cage on (go with water-based if you're using a silicone cage). Keep that lube bottle around, too. It can be used around any areas that are pinching while wearing the cage. Don't use too much lube, though, or that cage might just slip right off you. You want just enough to make insertion comfortable while still allowing for enough friction to keep the chastity device in place.
  • Ensure you have access to a key. I know, I know: part of the "hot" is being inescapably locked. But "inescapable" is only fun until there's an emergency. If your penis starts turning purple due to pinched blood flow, without the key, your only options will be a professional locksmith (to cut it off) or the ER (to cut it off). Even at work, your key should always be accessible in case of emergency. (Plus, is it even FUN to be in chastity if you're simply tolerating a bunch of pain that could be rectified if you simply removed the cage and readjusted the skin?)
  • Start slow. You're looking at encasing a sensitive body part in a heavy "jail" in a way you've never done before. You won't be able to jump straight into wearing it all of the time. Consider wearing it for a few hours at a time as a part of foreplay to get used to the feel of the device. Also note that while hands-free orgasm is often promoted as a goal of wearing a chastity cage, it takes time and dedication to get there (and it's cool if you never do!), so just try to enjoy the experience right now for what it is: awesome all on its own.
  • Try wearing it to new places! You can wear your chastity cage around the house all you'd like, but the fun of a cage that tucks discreetly into your underwear is that it can go most places. Taking your key with you, you can head virtually anywhere. Try a walk in the park, picking up groceries, or sitting down to dinner while wearing your cage.

Despite the popularity of wearing a chastity device as a 24/7 item, you can have a lot of fun simply wearing your cage for an evening of foreplay!


  • If you're by yourself, strap on the chastity cage, and put on your favorite porn/erotica/mental fantasy. Challenge yourself to explore different types of sensations to turn yourself on. Do you want to try butt plugs? Touching your nipples? Soft fabrics draping across your skin? What other ways does your body experience pleasure when the penis is taken out of the equation?
  • You can take that same idea and apply it to couple's play. The chaste partner can be bound and caged while their partner uses everything at their disposal to try to turn on the chaste partner as much as possible. They can even explore touching around or through the cage to see what's possible. Simply think of the chastity cage as a different type of "sex toy" to enjoy, and you'll both have a great time!
  • Being locked into a penis cage can also be a great "excuse" for an evening of service. Once the chaste person is locked into a cage, set a timer for a few hours where the locked partner is expected to "serve" the unlocked partner. This might look like completing household chores or simply helping the unlocked partner relax with a back rub. It could be hours of oral sex, or it could be head scratches and unlimited glasses of wine. When the time is up, the cage can come off to explore whatever mood you both are in after so much time dedicated to one another.

Chastity Cages and Safety

Chastity cages aren't without risks. You're, literally, restricting the movement of a part of the body that was built for movement. In addition, you're wrapping a pseudo-cock ring around the base of the balls to anchor the entire thing in place.

Depending on what gets you off about your chastity kink, you're then wearing that device for hours on end, getting aroused while wearing it, working out, moving, and going about your daily life.

Unfortunately, like many things kink, peer-reviewed science doesn't really exist for our specific activity. There are some studies based on injuries and safety with cock ring wear, but chastity cages haven't quite hit the academic circuit yet.

I'm going to be upfront: my partner and I have had multiple injuries from chastity cage wear, and we're much-much-much more safety-focused now regarding chastity devices. (In fact, in my chastity classes, I spend a lot of time on risk awareness that might have prevented some of our injuries, had we known!)

I'm not here to scare you! I'm just here to make sure you know that chastity cages are not a risk-free activity. Just like you can have a heart attack or break your penis from simply having sex, you can do damage to "the goods" by wearing a male chastity device. That said, even with our prior injuries, my partners and I still play with chastity cages regularly; we're just a lot more careful about it than we used to be.

Right now, according to urologists' best guesses and peer reviewed studies of similar activities, your biggest risks are:

  • Reduced blood flow from the circular, testicular ring being too tight. Reduce your risk by getting a properly-fitting cage. (For real. Constantly reduced blood flow could cause necrosis. This is NOT a spot where you want that!)
  • Skin sores and rashes from the rubbing of the cage on your skin. Ensure your cage fits properly, take it off to regularly wash it and you, and use bits of silicone-lube to help prevent too much friction.
  • Potential loss of erectile tissue strength from constant constriction over multiple months. If you're concerned about this, play with chastity cages in short bursts, and avoid wearing the cage to sleep to allow your nocturnal penile tumescence to stretch out your tissues.
  • Potential formation of Peyronie's disease from achieving erections or orgasming in the cage. If you're concerned about this, avoid ejaculation and prolonged, intentional erections while wearing the cage.
  • Potential blockage of the cords or serious injury from orgasming while wearing the cage. If you're concerned about this, avoid ejaculation while wearing the cage.

If, at any point, you're concerned about your penis, seek treatment - and fast. Especially if something is "stuck" on your penis (like a chastity cage!), you should get medical help within 48 hours. Seek help as soon as possible; depending on the triage level of your local hospital, they may not have the necessary equipment to remove a cage and may need to call in specialists.

Are these things necessarily going to happen to you? I hope not. But you never know if you're going to be that statistic until it happens. Take steps to mitigate any risks that don't fit into your risk profile before something happens.

Luckily for all of us, most health concerns with wearing chastity devices can be alleviated by getting a correctly fitting device, listening to your body, regularly cleaning yourself and the device, not always wearing the device to sleep, and avoiding orgasm while wearing the cage.

Some other basic safety rules of chastity cages:

  • If it hurts, take it off. A chastity cage is designed to be uncomfortable - like wearing a tight corset. It is not designed to cause pain. If you feel pain, take it off.
  • Ensure your chastity cage is a good fit for your body before wearing it long-term. Ill-fitting cages can make you more susceptible to injury.
  • If your penis or balls turns black or blue (or show any other signs of blood restriction), take it off. Your cage may have misadjusted itself, or it's an ill-fitting cage.
  • Put on, and take off, your cage very slowly. If your partner is causing any pain/discomfort while putting it on you, make sure to speak up. Any "I'll just tolerate it for a little bit" pain can be the sign of an injury waiting to happen. Also, try to put the cage on and take it off when the penis is flaccid; the more blood you have in the area, the tighter things will be, making it easier to hurt yourself.
  • Avoid grinding or any pressure on the chastity cage while worn - especially when erect. This can pull even harder on the scrotum, and it can potentially injure the supporting ligaments around the package.
  • Avoid high-impact activities while wearing your chastity cage. This could be as sexual as ball-busting, but it also could be as "innocent" as a game of basketball or Crossfit. If you're going to do those things while wearing the cage, choose a light-weight cage, wear extremely supportive underwear, and potentially add padding to reduce the potential for injury.

Overall, chastity cages can be a fun new way to indulge in a chastity kink, enjoy orgasm denial - and up the intensity of the orgasms you do have. Choose the right cage, play safe and enjoy the ride.

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