Vibrating Panties

Updated: MAY 24, 2021

Vibrating panties are a type of wearable sex toy. Traditionally, vibrating panties were sold as a set with a panty that had a built-in pouch to hold a vibrator. Modern options use the power of magnets to allow a small, finger-sized vibrator to easily "adhere" to the user's favorite pair of underwear. Not only does this remove the need to purchase a vibrator based on clothing size, but it also allows the wearer to wear their favorite lingerie.

A key part of the appeal of vibrating panties is that they can be worn and used discreetly. This means they can be used publicly without being detected unlike many other sex toys.

More About Vibrating Panties

As vibrating panties are worn like regular underwear, they can be hidden away out of sight under regular clothing. Users can wear their vibrating panties in public and receive sexual pleasure out in the open without anyone ever knowing unless of course their orgasm gives them away! This danger and risk of public exposure make wearing vibrating panties a delightful taboo.

Vibrating panties are very quiet so they can be worn undetected. They also come in a range of styles to suit individual tastes. Some have inbuilt vibrating mechanisms while others are egg vibrators for easy cleaning. Some have internal stimulators while others stimulate the genitals externally. Many have different settings and functions for varying the stimulation.

Some vibrating panties can even be worn during sex, perfect for people with underwear fetishes.

3/4ths view of the Lovense Ferri as it's gently turned to the side against a white background. This angle showcases the textured, deep protrusion of the Ferri designed to snuggle between the labia for use. | Kinkly ShopExample of a panty vibrator. Pictured: Lovense Ferri.

Many vibrating panties have remote controls. Wearers who give up control of their remotes can experience an extra thrill as they never know when they’ll receive pleasure from the panties. Waiting for the vibrations can be frustratingly pleasurable and for some people, as sexy as the stimulation from the panties!



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