Updated: DECEMBER 26, 2017

Uxorious is an adjective used to describe a man who dotes excessively on his wife. Uxorious men are typically thought to be submissive, foolish, and more submissive and feminine than many other men.

The term was developed around 1600. It is of Latin origin, an extension of the Latin word uxor, meaning wife. It is rarely used in modern parlance.

More About Uxorious

Uxorious men are likely to think often about their wives and what they could do to please them. They enjoy grand gestures of love and will spend months planning them to ensure they go off without a hitch. Sexually, uxorious men will usually be submissive and overly attentive lovers.

Uxorious men are given little respect by men and other women, as they are seen as adopting the “woman’s role” in their relationships. They are perceived to be less sexually attractive than men who are not as affectionate. Uxorious men put their wives’ wants and needs ahead of their own. They let their wives control them and their activities, to the exclusion of all others.

When the term uxorious was popular, it was virtually unheard of for a man to be so consumed with his wife. As it became more acceptable for men to be devoted and loving husbands, the term uxorious fell out of favor.

There is no corresponding adjective for a woman who dotes excessively on her husband. This may be because it is historically more common for women to invest a lot of time and emotion into their relationships.


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