10 Foreplay Games to Add Some Heat to the Bedroom

Published: FEBRUARY 2, 2022
Are you in a relationship rut or is it  a groove? Either way, these sexy foreplay games are a super fun way to spice things up!

Does your foreplay feel more routine than grabbing a gallon of milk at the grocery store?

A bit of routine in sex and foreplay is expected - especially as you both grow together in a relationship! As you get to know each other's bodies, you get to know how your partner likes their pleasure. As you get to know how your partner likes their pleasure, you start to shortcut to the things that work - and leave out the things that really don't.


So while you'd assume that a sexual rut would be a concerning indicator, it's actually more than that: a sexual rut can be a sign that the two of you are close to one another and know how you prefer your pleasure. It's hard to see that as entirely a bad thing!

However, just because comfort has its uses doesn't mean you don't necessarily want to add a bit of scorching heat back into the bedroom. One of the easiest ways to do that is through your foreplay. Foreplay sets the stage for the rest of your play. Sizzlin' foreplay can lead to explosive sex - or explosive orgasms.

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Lucky for all of us, sizzlin' foreplay is only a few sultry games away. Give some of these foreplay games a try to chase out some of the expected routine in your intimacy:

1. "Guess What?"

This simple foreplay game focuses on the simple, connective power of touch. To start, one partner becomes the recipient while the other partner becomes the writer. Using your product of choice (including something like shaving cream or chocolate syrup, or a Luxe Sensual Pinwheel), the writer writes a simple word or phrase on the receiver's skin - somewhere that can't be seen. The receiver now needs to guess what was written. Feel free to negotiate prizes (or punishments, if you're a bit kinky!) for each right or wrong answer. If your product is edible, lick your partner's skin clean before moving on to the next phrase - or switch spots with your partner!


2. Truth or Dare

You've heard of this classic - and you can play it with just the two of you too! Since you both know each other so intimately, you might find it difficult to come up with good Truth or Dare questions. If that's the case, do a quick online search; there are hundreds of thousands of Truth or Dare questions out there waiting for you to explore!

3. Try a Sensation Play Toy

Spicing up foreplay can be as simple as adding a new sensation you've never tried before. A new sensation gives you both an "excuse" to explore each other thoroughly - and its simple presence encourages you to spend the time doing it! Consider something like the Luxe Pinwheel, a pocket-sized Wartenberg wheel (conveniently sold in pairs) that offers a constant, rolling sensation along the skin that can bring goosebumps. Keep it exploratory - or turn it into a game if you want!

For something more casual, tally the number of times each person laughs while on the receiving end the spiky pins - and declare a winner at the end. Make it more erotic by rewarding the "win" to whoever finds the most erotic spot to use the Pinwheel on.


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4. Not-Sex Position Roulette

Use a sex position database to randomly select a sex position - and then challenge each other to see what you can do as foreplay in that position without having intercourse. For something like doggy style, this can include a lot of grinding and running hands along the receiver's back. For something like missionary, you're in a prime position for a super-hot make-out session. Keep at least your underwear on to ensure no one is tempted to "break the rules" until you both are ready.

5. Make Your Own Sex Dice

Pre-made sex dice can be overrated. It just takes a few minutes to make some of your own - and most of us have a board game at home we can pilfer some dice from! Pull out your dice (D20's if you're nerdy) and sit down with your partner. Now, you both can figure out what you'd like each number on the dice to signify. Some common set-ups:


  • One die is sex positions and one is location in the house
  • One die is sex toys and the other is location on the body
  • One die is body parts while the other is location on your partner's body
  • One die is a location on the body while the other is a technique that needs to be used

You can even make it simple by using a single die and just putting some of your favorite activities on it like "Oral sex for her" or "Make out session while he wears a vibrator". You don't necessarily need two dice!

Now, roll the dice and follow what the "sex dice" tell you to do for an instant foreplay game that's devoid of anything you're not interested in doing.

6. DIY Your Own Challenges

What if there was a foreplay challenge you could undertake? One that would ensure foreplay always felt hot - because you were regularly trying new things? Sorta like a bucket list - but for foreplay?

That IS something that exists - if you make it! You and your partner should sit down and have a brief chat about the expectations of these challenges. Are there ground rules like location requirements or time requirements? (For example, one person may not be comfortable with any foreplay games outside of their house)

Now that you both have discussed limitations, go through and jot down an agreed-upon amount of foreplay challenges that you'd each like to do. I recommend doing this on your own for more inspiration (and challenges, when it's all said and done!). I recommend doing 10-15 challenges each, but it's up to you.

When you come back together, read your challenge ideas and decide if either of you wants to veto any of them. It's totally okay if you do! Not all sexual activities are a good fit for everybody!

Once you both have the final list of agreed-upon foreplay challenges, write them onto slips of paper and toss them into a small box. Now, anytime you both want a new way to experience each other intimately, you just pull out the box and select a challenge! While the challenges are fresh in your mind right now, they likely won't be in six months - and it'll be a surprise when you select each one from the box!

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7. Seven Minutes in Heaven

Sure, you already know who you're going to be paired with, but it doesn't change the game in the slightest. You get seven minutes in a tight, private space to enjoy yourselves - and you have to emerge from the space seven minutes later. Don't forget to turn off the lights - and set a rule for what happens after you're done! Maybe you're playing seven minutes in heaven in the middle of the day - and you just get a boost of erotic arousal before heading back to work. Or maybe your seven minutes is just foreplay before you're allowed to go to the bedroom. It's up to both of you!

8. Simon Says

This simple game becomes really kinky when it's used for sex. Haven't heard of this game? It's simple. One person issues commands and the other person follows commands. Every command spoken with "Simon Says" must be completed. However, if a command is spoken without "Simon Says" preceding it and the follower completes the command, they lose. The idea is to really listen to the command issuer - and ensure that you follow only the correct commands.

"Simon Says" can be fantastic for kink play because it gives you a really simple, really easy excuse to be "domineering". It doesn't have to be in your personality; it's a game, after all.

9. Make Out - Not at Home

This one is simple. The only rule is that you have to make out outside of your home; doing it at home isn't allowed. This can be as simple as making out in your backyard - or finding an alleyway to make out like college students again. The simple change of scenery can make this a surprisingly effective foreplay game - even though it's so simple!


10. Get Creative with Initiating

Over time, initiating sex can feel a bit like a practiced routine. It doesn't have to, though. The two of you can get really creative with initiation - and this game can help!

Agree to take turns initiating foreplay and pleasure. Sounds simple, right?

Well, here's the catch: each time must be different. Until you and your partner agree to stop playing this game, each one of the initiations must be different from a prior initiation you've done.

Luckily, there are a whole lot of ways to show sexual interest! Consider some snuggling while they're making dinner - or leaving an erotic note in the bathroom when they wake up. Why not wake them up while fully naked - or leave a sex toy on the bed before you turn in for the night to voice your interest? There are lots of ways to initiate foreplay, and this sizzling game will have you both looking for creative ways to do it - and attempting to "one up" each other in the best of ways!

Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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