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Updated: APRIL 12, 2024

A throatpie is the act of ejaculating down the throat of someone performing fellatio. It is similar to a creampie, or ejaculating in the mouth of someone performing fellatio, but involves deeper penetration.

Throatpie Variations

Several variations on throatpies and similar sex acts may appeal to people who enjoy them. Deepthroat is a type of fellatio which involves taking the penis deep into the mouth and past the gag reflex. Deepthroating may lead to a throatpie if the receiving partner climaxes.

The term balls deep describes any kind of deep sexual penetration. This may be the kind of deepthroating that can lead to a throatpie or deep vaginal or anal penetration. The term alludes to the way that when deep penetration occurs, the penis enters the body so deeply that only the balls remain outside.

Usually, people get a throatpie without any barriers between them. However, people can also get a throatpie through a gloryhole. This is a hole in a wall that someone can put their penis through to receive oral sex or a hand job from an anonymous partner on the other side.

In most cases, one person receives a throatpie after giving their partner oral sex. However, throatpies can also occur simultaneously in the 69 position. In this position, people face away from one another and line up their mouths with their partners’ genitals for fellatio. If the fellatio involves deep penetration, both partners may give throatpies.

Connection to Breath Play

The kind of fellatio that leads to throatpies restricts breathing, with many giving partners only able to breathe when their partner thrusts out of their throat. This can make it a good activity for people who want to enjoy breath play. The dominant partner will deeply penetrate their submissive’s mouth and throat, holding their penis there until they grant the submissive permission to breathe again. This kind of play can reinforce the dominant-submissive power dynamic and increase their arousal.

Popularity in Porn

Unlike its cousin creampie, throatpie did not make Pornhub’s list of the top 30 search terms for 2023. However, a 593 percent increase in searches for deepthroat in the United States suggests viewers are interested in deep fellatio and likely the climaxes that result from it.

"Porn tends to feature taboo acts more frequently, and throatpies are something that many people are unable or unwilling to receive (though this is not to say that there is anything wrong with someone who enjoys receiving them - or to say that people are always willing to give them)," explained Ashley Floyd, a licensed marriage and family therapist. "Porn also tends to feature more 'extreme' and sometimes violent acts. Throatpies can be seen as 'extreme' when the giver is rough, forceful, and/or uncaring. They can also be seen this way because it restricts the breathing of the receiver and can lead to tears or crying. Since porn often features acts that are taboo, dominating, 'extreme', or violent, especially when directed from cisgender men toward women, it makes sense that we would see throatpies being featured frequently. Porn is also a place where we can indulge our fantasies, especially the fantasies we may not want to act out in real life. Since throatpies are not something everyone can or wants to indulge in, it makes sense that people would seek out porn that features this act."

The term throatpie may not have ranked as high as popular searches often specify the type of throatpie viewers want to see. Many of these specific searches are race-related, with ebony throatpie, BBC throatpie, Asian throatpie, and Latina throatpie all ranking highly. Hentai throatpie, or throatpie in explicit Japanese animated videos, was another popular search term, along with gay throatpie and MILF throatpie.

Why People Are Into Throatpies

Throatpies can feel good for giving and receiving partners. The throat is wet and soft but narrower than the mouth, so for the person giving a throatpie it can feel physically closer to cumming inside the vagina or anus. Some receiving partners say they enjoy the physical sensations of fullness associated with deep oral penetration and ejaculation.

Receiving a throatpie puts someone in a submissive position, where the person with the penis controls their breath. It requires deep trust to allow someone so much control, so throatpies can be a good way to strengthen a couple’s connection. When couples have a dominant-submissive power dynamic, throatpies can reinforce their roles. People who enjoy feeling dominant may like the power they have when giving throatpies, while someone who enjoys feeling more vulnerable may like giving up their power to receive a throatpie.

Some people enjoy seeing their partner aroused by giving or receiving throatpies. Even if it’s not personally their favorite thing, turning their partner on can be very gratifying. Taking deep penetration and ejaculation can also feel like an accomplishment for some receiving partners.

How to Throatpie

A throatpie typically starts with deep throating. This is easiest if the receiving partner knows how to control their gag reflex, if they have one. Regular training with a finger, toothbrush, or sex toy can teach the body to suppress this reflex. Once the receiving partner feels confident, they can take their partner’s penis into their mouth and throat, as deeply as they can, and commence fellatio. They can do this in any position that feels comfortable and keeps the throat open, such as kneeling or lying on a bed with the head hanging off the mattress. Relaxing the throat makes deepthroating easier. The giving partner should also try to breathe through their nose and take in air whenever their partner thrusts out.

In time the person receiving the blowjob should ejaculate. To throatpie, they keep their penis deep inside their partner’s throat as they cum. Swallowing during the throatpie helps the semen slide easily down the throat.

What a Throatpie Feels Like

"Everyone's experience is different and there's no 'one way' for a throatpie to feel," according to Floyd. "The experience of a throatpie is similar to the experience of deepthroating in that the penis is in the throat rather than in the mouth. Some people might experience a stretching or fullness in their throat, some people might experience a soreness, and others may describe it with totally different words. What differentiates the feeling of a throatpie from the feeling of deepthroating is, of course, that it introduces ejaculation. The person whose throat is ejaculated into might not even feel or taste the semen itself since it bypasses the tongue. There may be a dry or sore sensation in the throat, and one might notice their throat contracting as the semen hits it. For the giver, there is a tightness around the head of the penis that doesn't get featured in non-deepthroated blowjobs. The throat feels differently than the mouth, and one may notice a drier or 'rubbing' sensation, rather than the suction sensation that's often created with the mouth. The contractions of the throat around the head of the penis as they ejaculate can create an intensely pleasurable, though sometimes uncomfortable, sensation.

One person sharing their experience receiving throatpies with ThoughtCatalog said her partner “says it’s the most amazing feeling and almost feels like I’m pulling the cum out of his balls when I swallow down on his cock.”

A person's comfort level and experience may impact how receiving throatpies feels for them. Inexperienced receiving partners sometimes say they feel like they’re choking or so nauseous they may throw up. As people become more experienced and comfortable, they tend to feel more pleasurable sensations.

Safe Throatpie Play

While porn stars often seem enthusiastic about throatpies, they aren’t for everyone. Anyone who wants a throatpie should share their interest with their partner and get their consent, rather than giving a surprise throatpie. Consent should be ongoing, with both partners able to stop deep fellatio before a throatpie if they’re feeling uncomfortable. Establishing a safe action ahead of time can help the receiving partner withdraw consent when they can’t speak.

As with all oral sex, throatpies can transmit STIs, including genital herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HPV. As throatpies involve barrier-free ejaculation, health experts recommend people reserve throatpies for fluid-bonded partners or at least partners with a known STI status.

"There is also a chance, though quite rare, that someone may be allergic to semen, which is called human seminal plasma hypersensitivity," Floyd added. "If allergic reaction symptoms develop after swallowing semen, a medical professional should be consulted."

Flavored lubricants can enhance fellatio, but numbing lubes are best avoided. These lubricants can suppress the natural gag reflex which tells the body when it’s hit its limit. Partners receiving throatpies should pay attention to signs they’re going too far, such as choking, light-headedness, or unintentionally gagging or vomiting. If people push past this point, they may bruise their throat or even rupture their airways. People giving throatpies should also monitor their partners for signs of distress. Despite these risks, throatpies aren’t dangerous so long as all participants listen to their bodies and pay attention to their partners.


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