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Definition - What does Fellatio mean?

Fellatio is a term for oral sex performed on a male. The word comes from the Latin "fellatus" which means "to suck."

Fellatio is more commonly referred to as a blow job.

Kinkly explains Fellatio

Fellatio has been depicted and discussed as a sexual act for thousands of years. In fellatio, the man's partner uses his or her mouth to stimulate the penis, bring pleasure to the receiver and even bring him to orgasm.

Fellatio can be practiced as foreplay, as a replacement for intercourse, to prevent pregnancy, to preserve a woman's virginity or perhaps during menstruation or the last few weeks of a woman's pregnancy.

Fellatio can sometimes be difficult to perform, especially for people with a sensitive gag reflex. However, the gag reflex can be repressed with practice. Poor genital hygiene can also contribute to discomfort or lack of interest in performing fellatio on a partner.

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