Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

Technophilia is a term for a strong attraction to technology. While the term is often used to connote an enthusiasm for technology, it refers more specifically to a sexual interest in technology. People with technophilia, known as technophiles, may spend time fantasizing about sexual encounters with computers, robots, and other technological gadgets. They may also like to incorporate gadgets into their own sex lives, or consume media designed to appeal to technophiles.

More About Technophilia

The most common manifestation of technophilia as a fetish is a sexual attraction to and desire for computers, robots, and other technological objects.

Many people believe cybersex can be an expression of technophilia. The online consumption of pornography is also commonly linked to technophilia. The fact that computers and mobile devices can house so many images, stories, and videos designed to stimulate the viewer can be very arousing to technophiles. Another arousing aspect for technophiles is that when they consume pornography online they are interacting not with the actors and actresses on the screen, but rather with their computers, smartphones, or tablets.


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